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Canada’s Drag Race Canada VS The World Episode 2 Recap: Snatch Summit

The remaining queens get their celebrity impersonation on for the Snatch Game, and PM Justin Trudeau goes where no world leader has gone before… the werk room…

Last week we said goodbye to Canadian queen Kendall Gender after the premiere episode and girl group challenge which landed two Canadian queens in the bottom. If last week was any indicator of how this season will go, these queens are fierce and the competition will be tough. This week we’ll see the remaining queens take on the iconic Snatch Game challenge and a very special guest comes to the werk room. Let’s get into it.

Episode two begins in the werk room following Kendall’s elimination. Stephanie Prince is happy to still be in the competition, but now she feels the pressure to show the others she’s there for a reason. The remaining queens read Kendall’s message and move over to the couches to condragulate Vanity on the first win of the season. Rita reveals that she also chose Kendall for the elimination. Victoria then brings up how she perceives the term “fishy” as a misogynistic term and politely asks the other queens to hear her out as to why they should reconsider using the term, which they agree to. 

It’s a new day in the werk room and Vanity Milan is still on cloud nine from her win. Anita thanks all of the other queens for taking her in, but in confessionals she reveals she thinks she’s being underestimated. Ru interrupts with a cryptic video message. Brooke enters the room and reveals that for this week’s mini challenge the library is OFFICIALLY open. One by one the queens put the glasses on and to be honest, almost everybody stink stank STUNK. Sure enough Anita swooped in at the end and sort of saved it, so it was no surprise that she was the winner of the mini challenge. Brooke tells the queens that for this week’s maxi challenge they will all be delegates at the Snatch Game Summit. The queens get to WORK on their characters, and some of the queens are feeling nervous for their first Snatch Game, while Anita and Silky want to reclaim their Snatch Game crown. Brooke does a lil’ werk room walkaround to check up on all of the queens and their characters. 

It’s finally time for the Snatch Game Summit. Traci Melchor and Sarain Fox will be the contestants. Vanity is playing the queen of dancehall Spice, Stephanie Prince is playing Cardi B, Rita is playing drag legend Guilda, Anita is Adele, Silky is Lizzo, Icesis as Donatella Versace, Victoria and Kim Woodburn, and Ra’Jah as Big Freeda. Some of the queens made a last minute character swap, and it really paid off. Ra’Jah and Icesis are the clear frontrunners, while Stephanie and Anita are struggling to land a joke.

It’s elimination day in the werk room and Brooke enters in full drag to introduce a very special guest to the set. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the first world leader to step foot into a Drag Race werk room. He gives the queens a pep talk, and after the visit the queens get into their drag for the runway. Out on the main stage Brooke introduces this week’s panel of judges Traci Melchor, and guests Sarain Fox and Priyanka. The category on the runway is “celestial bodies” and the queens stun in their best spacey lewks. Based on the Snatch Summit performance and the runway Brooke announces Rita and Vanity are safe for the week. The rest of the queens represent the tops and bottoms of the week.

Critiques start with Silky. The judges like her runway look, but says her Lizzo needed a bit more funny. The judges tell Ra’Jah that she was a joy to watch in Snatch Game, and say her runway look is iconic. Brooke loves Anita’s runway, but says that without the name tag during the summit, she would have had no idea who she was impersonating. Traci tells Stephanie her runway look is top notch, but Priyanka says her Snatch Game performance of Cardi B was seriously lacking. The judges tell Victoria her runway was one of the best of the week and her Snatch Game was almost there, but it needed to be bigger. Finally, Brooke tells Icesis her runway is stunning and Tracy calls her Snatch Game performance was calculated, nuanced, and hilarious. Based on the judges critiques Brooke announces Ra’Jah and Icesis are the top two queens of the week. Silky and Victoria are safe, which leaves Stephanie and Anita in the bottom for the week.

Backstage the queens talk about their place in the week’s ranking. Anita fully still believes she shouldn’t be in the bottom, and I just wish I had the same kind of delusion. The bottom queens take turns talking to the top queens and plead their case as to why they should still be there. The top queens pick their lipstick, and make their way to the main stage. Out on the runway Ra’Jah and Icesis lip sync for the power to eliminate to Sk8er Boi by Canadian Queen Avril Lavigne.

Both queens give an equally energetic performance, but in the end Icesis Couture is the top queen of the week. Icesis has also won the power to eliminate the queen of her choice. Both bottom queens are called to the stage and Icesis reveals the second queen leaving the competition is… Calgary queen Stephanie Prince.

Next week on CDR Canada VS The World: The queens get creative with a ball challenge and Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker is a guest judge.

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