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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 Episode 7 Recap: Legendary Legend Looks 

The queens take inspiration from iconic Ru looks and make their own show stopping outfits for the runway. Fashion icon Betsy Johnson is a guest judge…

Last week the queens competed in a girl group challenge where they wrote, recorded, and performed their Y2K singles on a TRL episode. Yvie Oddly and The Vivienne were the top two queens of the week, but since Viv had been blocked the previous week by Jinkx, she did not receive a star. She did however win the lip sync, so she chose to re-block Jinkx and set the foundation for this season’s official feud. Let’s see what the queens get up to this week when the queens compete in another design challenge.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Jinkx’s blocking. The queens saunter over to the orange couches and congratulate the week’s winners. Jinkx enters last with her platinum plunger. She says she’s furious and The Vivienne says she’s “fookin fumin” since she could have had another star but couldn’t because she was blocked. The other queens were a little surprised that Viv chose to block her own teammate. Jinkx isn’t worried about overcoming the plunger though. The queens are officially halfway through the competition and it is really starting to kick off. 

It’s the next day and once all of the queens enter the werk room again they gather around the table to talk about being halfway through the competition and what it has in store for them. Trinity and Shea say they miss being at the top when Ru interrupts to tell them about this week’s challenge. Ru announces that for this week’s maxi challenge the queens will need to create legendary legend looks based on an iconic Ru look using Pinterest. Ru then goes on to explain pinterest as if we all haven’t casually been using it for the last decade. Ru created a board with eight looks, and since Viv was the winner last week she gets to choose what look she’ll be creating first, and decide who chooses next and so on. All of the looks have been distributed, and material has been distributed. The queens will need to take the looks as inspiration to make their own iconic outfits. Everybody gets to work on constructing their looks. Trinity is quick to come up with her look, and Raja knows she can construct a gown in minutes, so she tries to stall her a little by making her second guess her design idea. Trinity is feeling the pressure since she won the last design challenge, and Raja wants to redeem herself with this one.

The stakes are high with this challenge, and Jinkx asks Viv if she wishes she would have blocked somebody else since Jinkx is notoriously bad at design challenges. She says that since she can’t win a star this week she’s just going to try to have fun with her garment. Ru checks in on the queens and gives them some advice with their ideas. Everybody gets back to creating their looks (with some queens having an easier time than others). Jinkx really messes up on her bodysuit and needs to restart. The whole werk room descends into pure chaos.

It’s runway day and while some queens are putting the finishing touches on their looks, Shea still has most of her garment to construct. Monét also has a lot of work to do before she hits the runway, so Trinity helps both of them speed-sew. The Monét/Trinity alliance quietly discuss the other’s work and talk about who they should block if either of them win. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judging panel Michelle, Carson, and this week’s EXTRA special guest judge iconic fashion designer Betsy Johnson. The queens hit the runway in their legendary legend looks. Each of them have done a fantastic job making the looks their own. 

The judges start their critiques with Yvie. Carson loved that she took the inspiration from the look and totally reimagined it to be her own style. Michelle commends the construction of her pants. Carson tells The Vivienne she looks absolutely flawless in her Vivienne Westwood inspired look. Ru tells her she looks like supermodel of the world Bella Hadid. Betsy loved Shea’s interpretation of Ru’s leopard look. Ru also loves how she took the look into another era. Shea shouts out Trinity for helping her finish her look. The judges also love Trinity’s gown, and say the construction is masterful. The judges tell Raja that she did an incredible job selling her look. Betsy calls Jinkx’s look “glamorous in its own trashiness”, which is exactly what she was going for.  All of the judges love how rich Jaida’s gold gown is and how well constructed it is, too. Finally, the judges love how fun and couture Monét’s face-kini look is. 

Following the judge’s deliberations Ru announces that the top two all stars of the week are Jaida and Trinity. Each of the queens have earned a legendary legend star. The two tops lip sync for their legacy (and blocking rights) to “I Want Love” by Jessie J. After a passionate and memorable performance, Ru crowns Trinity as the top queen of the week. Trinity takes the plunger and chooses to block Yvie from winning a star next week.

On the next episode of All Stars: The queens do the math with their stars and star in the next cult classic Christmas movie.

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