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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: The Realness Of Fortune Ball

The queens turn into game show hostesses for the ball of the season…

Last week we were treated to a double episode premiere and they were probably the best two episodes of Drag Race in the show’s recent herstory. The iconic Snatch Game will be a tough one to beat for future queens, and fans are really liking the new non-elimination format of the show. This week the queens are throwing a ball which means we will hopefully be treated to multiple gag-worthy looks from all of these iconic queens. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Jinkx’s official blocking of Shea after the lip sync. Jinkx is feeling good and powerful after her win. She explains why she chose to block Shea (because she already has a star), and the other queens all agree with her decision and say they would have done the same. Shea enters the room and says she takes the blocking as a huge compliment, but that doesn’t mean that she likes it. Shea tells the other queens that she’s learned of the platinum plunger’s true potential. In confessionals Shea admits that she made it all up. It’s a mind game baby, and it has some of the other queens sweating.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the queens gather around the table, and Jinkx is sporting her new pin. Feeling a little bitter about not having a pin is Trinity, who was technically owed one after winning last week, but Shea’s blocking the week before prevented her from being awarded the shiny star. Ru interrupts with a video message featuring a poem, and enters the werk room to introduce this week’s mini challenge. This week the queens are playing “Hung Man”. NOT THAT KIND, the spelling kind, like a sexy Wheel of Fortune. The queens take turns choosing letters and solving the puzzle. Jinkx solves the puzzle, but the mini challenge was just a hint to this week’s maxi challenge. We’re throwing a ball, and the theme is Realness of Fortune. The queens will need to serve three looks each, and the categories are as follows; Vanna White Realness (classic game show hostess glamour), Before and After (looks based on wordplay), and finally, Realness of Fortune Eleganza (made from SCRATCH). The queens will spin a wheel and it’ll land on a vacation spot with a corresponding colour they’ll have to make their third look from. They’ll also have the chance to win some money while they spin. Yvie wins all of the money on the wheel, and then promptly loses all of it on her next spin when she lands on the bankrupt piece. The Vivienne then wins all of the money.

All of the colours are distributed, and the queens get to work on their lewks for the runway. Monét reveals that the last outfit she made was her infamous sponge dress from season 10, and Trinity is the first to start sewing because “you can’t rush a ruffle”. Raja is feeling pressure for the challenge because fans expect it from her, and Jinkx is having some trouble getting her sewing machine to work. Jinkx doesn’t sew, so she’s feeling a little nervous with this challenge. Shea wants to give the judges something they haven’t seen from her before and doesn’t know what kind of a design she wants. Ru checks up on the queens and stirs the pot a little. The queens finish their garments, and Trinity helps Jinkx on finishing up her dress.

It’s runway day, and the queens put the finishing touches on their looks and get ready for the main stage. Monét and Trinity solidify their alliance, and Monét thinks more people need to be roped into their game, so they bring Jinkx into it. Jinkx isn’t sold, so she declines but tells Trinity and Monét that she’ll spare them for their kindness in the future. Trinity moves onto Shea who ALSO isn’t taking the bait. Shea ropes Jaida into it and now it’s a conversation about strategy. So as it stands, the twinners are the only ones in an official alliance at the moment. Out on the main stage Ru introduces us to this week’s judging panel Michelle, Carson, and this week’s extra special guest judge Kirby Howell-Baptiste. The ball begins with Vanna White Realness, and THE Vanna White is the first to walk the runway in a gorgeous black sequin gown.

Each of the queens walk down the runway in their stunning game show hostess lewks and are surprised by Vanna’s presence. The second category is “Before and After” and the queens absolutely serve in their mashup concepts including Princess Diana Ross, RuPaul Charles II, and Whatever Happened To Baby Jane Fonda. The final category “Realness of Fortune Eleganza” begins and all of the queens take turns on the runway wearing their own original designs, and the queens sell their garments.

Critiques begin with Jinkx Monsoon. The judges say her Vanna look was a little too old Hollywood, but they loved her “Before and After” mashup look. Michelle also commends her for her final look, and Jinkx gives Trinity all of the praise for taking the time to help her. The judges say her Vanna gown wasn’t giving Ms. White, but they didn’t care because it was stunning. They loved her second look, and adore her final bridal look. Carson says her Vanna look was a bit slutty, and Michelle liked her Bob the Drag Queen Elizabeth look. The judges were all impressed with all of Jaida’s looks. Carson says Raja’s Vanna was top notch, but Michelle says she could have gone further with her Olivia Newton John Waters look. However, all of the judges agree that her final look is spectacular. Michelle didn’t get Vanna from Yvie’s first look, but the judges loved her Cardi B Arthur look. The judges ador The Vivenne’s custom look, and liked her mashup look too. Michelle tells Trinity she really sold her Vanna look, and all of the judges agree her final look was out of this world.

Following deliberations, Ru announces that the top two queens of the week are Trinity The Tuck and Jaida Essence Hall. Each of them have earned a Legendary Legend star. Trinity and Jaida lip sync for the top spot (and 10 grand AND the power to block one of the other queens) to Green Light by Beyoncé. Both queens give the performance their all. Ru decides that Jaida is the top queen of the week, and she chooses to block… Jinkx Monsoon, which means Jinkx will not be eligible to win a star pin next week.

On the next episode: The queens work on their improv skills in a courtroom drama show.

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