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Evan Peix Is Sweet, But His Music Is Spicy

The popular gay social influencer and advocate shakes up the dance floor…

By Mike Bahr

Evan Peix is injecting caliente Latino flavor into today’s gay clubs with his two energetic singles, “Tu Si” and “Me Elevas.” The songs are part of a music genre called Guaracha, a sound that originated in Cuba and is acclaimed for combining a rapid tempo with bold lyrics.

“I was introduced to Guaracha two years ago while in Colombia,” Peix explains from his Miami home. “A cab driver played Fumaratto’s ‘Me Provocas’ and it literally threw me into a three-minute trance! I went into the studio to try my hand at Guaracha. That’s when ‘Tu-Si’ was born.”

Written and produced by Peix, “Tu Si” and its follow-up single, “Me Elevas,” are being distributed independently.

Videos for both are available on YouTube, and they echo the frenetic, sultry joy of the singles. Many of the dancers, including Malik Delgaty, who poses with a ball python in “Tu Si,” are models Peix regularly collaborates with on his OnlyFans page. “It’s important for me that my songs and videos reflect the same Evan Peix that guys know from OnlyFans,” Peix says. “For me, the singer and the social influencer are intertwined. Everything I create is a reflection of my art and sexuality.”

Peix was born in New York, but moved to Bolivia when he was nine years old to join the South American version of the Mickey Mouse Club. He was one of just 10 kids selected for the show out of the 10,000 who had auditioned. “I loved going to the studio every day for rehearsals and our weekly filming,” he says. He and the cast were the closest of pals for the four years of production and in that time, they released multiple albums together. The friends remain in touch today. “Each one of the members has paved their own unique careers in life,” Peix attests. “From TV news anchors to super models, singers, dancers…even a drag queen! I was always the provocative stripper,” he adds with a grin.

After dropping out of high school at 18, Peix moved to Miami with $500 in his pocket. “I found a room in Little Havana, Miami, for $300 and spent the rest on protein shakes and a gym membership. I couldn’t afford furniture so I slept on a piece of cardboard.”

He found a job bussing tables, but wasn’t very good at it. “I dropped more than one plate on the lap of an unfortunate diner,” he recalls. A gym buddy suggested he try stripping, and when he did, he found it to be, in his words, “easy as breathing.” It was also very lucrative. He saved his first $60,000 and enrolled in audio engineering school. “Fans are always surprised with how multifaceted I am,” he continues. “I produce songs, create and edit videos, play instruments, dance, sing, tumble…give me a stripper pole and prepare to be amazed!”

Peix is also a social advocate. He runs The Dreamer Project, an initiative that raises money for the needy in South America. The group recently came to the aid of male webcam models in Venezuela who were facing incarceration, charged with creating and distributing indecent content. The Dreamer Project helped to pay their hefty fines so the men could find safety out of the country.

The Dreamer Project is now raising funds for Niños del Sol, an orphanage in Medellin, Colombia. The orphanage, which houses more than 20 children, is in desperate need of food, clothing and basic supplies for its youth. “Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their life’s dreams,” says Peix. “Many good people have helped me to achieve mine. I’m happy to have the opportunity and the platform to be able to help others achieve theirs.”

You can follow Evan Peix on Instagram at @evanpeix. Visit for more information.

MIKE BAHR is a freelance travel and fashion writer who grew up in Los Angeles, attended college in New York, and now resides in Chicago with his husband and their two dogs. On weekends, he plays soccer and Ultimate Frisbee with the Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association.

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