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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 11 Recap: An Extra Special Episode

The seven bottom queens compete in an epic lip sync battle royale for a spot in the race…

Last week we were treated to perhaps the WORST Snatch Game in recent herstory, and a cliff-hanger ending. Basically, everyone but Deja must lip sync for their lives in an epic lip sync LaLaPaRuza Smackdown for a spot in the competition. It’s perhaps the biggest twist of the season thus far, and there’s no telling how many queens will be left standing at the end of the episode. Let’s break it down and get into it.

This week’s special episode begins with the remaining queens anxiously walking into the werk room realizing they now all have to lip sync for their lives to stay in the game. They chat on the couches about the logistics of how this smackdown. Daya thinks that she gave a “safe” Snatch Game performance and is pissed she’s in the bottom. She voices her very rude opinion to the rest of the queens, which is of course met with criticism in confessionals.

It’s a new day and the queens get ready in the werk room for the lip sync smackdown. Willow and Angeria chat about what kind of music they like to lip sync too and hope for songs they can vibe to on the main stage. Bosco talk about how disappointed she is with her Snatch Game performance. In confessionals Willow says she thinks Bosco is the most nervous of anyone for this lip sync. Deja stirs the pot for fun, and Jasmine asks Daya why she says “no offence” before she says something that is offensive. The queens finish their makeup and pretty much everyone is scared to be paired with Jorgeous.

Out on the main stage Ru introduces the judging panel for this week’s episode. It’s just family today, so sitting at the table is Michelle, Ross and Carson. The queens take the stage in their lip sync leotards, and Ru tells the queens how the smackdown will go. Essentially the losers of each lip sync will compete against each other until there’s one left. Deja gets to sit on a comfy couch with a seltzer water and just watch it all go down. The pit crew pulls out a hopper with balls in them with each of the girls’ initials on them.

The pit crew first picks out Jasmine Kennedie’s ball, and Ru announces Jasmine will get to pick her opponent. Jasmine chooses her “big sis” Daya Betty. The SHADDDEEEEEE of it all. Daya gets to choose the song from a list, and she chooses Respect by Aretha Franklin. The rest of the queens step to the back of the stage for the first lip sync.

Round One: Jasmine VS Daya
The song starts and both queens are giving passion. Jasmine is giving a little more hairography and more splits, but Daya is feeeeeling the words. Jasmine definitely pulls more tricks out for her performance, but it’s still tight. Ru announces Daya is the winner of the challenge and is safe to slay another day. Jasmine is still up for elimination. Daya joins Deja backstage to watch the rest of the smackdown.

Round Two: Willow Pill VS Bosco
Willow chooses Bosco to lip sync against, and Bosco chooses Never Too Much by Luther Vandross. Willow is happy as it’s the only song from the bunch she wanted. The music starts and both queens are going for a different approach but giving similar energy. This will be a hard one to choose a winner. Ru chooses Willow as the victor of this lip sync, which means Bosco is still up for elimination. Willow joins the safe queens in the werk room.

Round Three: Jorgeous VS Angeria VS Lady Camden
The last three queens lip sync against each other, but Jorgeous’s ball gets chosen so she gets to pick the song. Jorgeous chooses Radio by Beyonce. Right as the song starts all three queens are giving us everything. There is no shortage of stunts in this lip sync. Ru announces Jorgeous is the winner of the lip sync and is safe. Angeria and Lady Camden are still up for elimination.

Round Four: Lady Camden VS Bosco
Lady Camden chooses Bosco to lip sync against, and Bosco picks Don’t Let Go by En Vogue. Both of the queens give a soulful performance given the slow ballad they’re performing to. Ru announces Lady Camden is safe to slay another day. Bosco will move on to the final lip sync.

Round Five: Angeria VS Jasmine Kennedie
Jasmine and Angeria lip sync to Love Don’t Cost a Thing by Jennifer Lopez. Both queens being high energy right as the music starts and keep it up throughout the whole lip sync. The safe queens in the werk room point out that Angie has an undeniable presence, but Jasmine is bringing more dancing into it. Out on the main stage Ru announces Angeria has won this lip sync and is safe. Jasmine will move onto the final lip sync. Angeria walks back into the werk room and Willow is relieved.

Round Six THE FINAL ROUND: Jasmine VS Bosco
The final two queens lip sync to Swept Away by Diana Ross. This is their last chance to impress Ru and save themselves from elimination. The music starts and both queens immediately go into a floorwork routine. It’s sexy, it’s sensual it’s…insanely close. Ru chooses Bosco to stay in the race, which means Jasmine unfortunately has been eliminated. But as we know, her fate rests in the wrapper of a Wonka bar. Jasmine unwraps her bar and … it’s chocolate, which means she’s going home. Jasmine leaves the competition feeling accomplished, and with a smile on her face.

Next week on Drag Race: The remaining queens compete in this season’s rusical.

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