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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 5 Recap: Save a Queen

The queens produce emotional PSA’s for eliminated alumni, and pop singer Ava Max is a guest judge…

Last week we said byyeeeeeeeee to Alyssa Hunter following the first over-acting challenge of the season and the night of 1000 JLo’s (her new movie is out next week BTW *intense eyeroll*). There were no repeat runway looks, and Kerri was wearing one of JLo’s ACTUAL dresses, which kind of limited her movement in the lip sync but it’s whatever. Kerri’s main critique was that she’s too “perfect and pretty” all the time, and to be honest if someone said that to me, it would be the best day of my life, but Kerri’s challenge going forward is to get more “raw and real”, because raw and real have become the new Drag Race standard. Anyways, let’s dig into this week’s new episode.

It begins in the werk room following Alyssa’s elimination. The remaining queens read her message and Kerri is breathing a sigh of relief. The queens read Alyssa’s message and send her off. Kerri doesn’t feel good about being in the bottom but says she will fight as hard as she needs to in order to get on top. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Angeria on her win, and Kornbread is feeling vulnerable after landing in the bottom three. While the queens are getting out of drag Lady Camden is feeling like she has a lot of redemption to serve after being perpetually safe. The next day in the werk room the queens gather round the table and Ru comes in to deliver some sad news. Unfortunately Kornbread suffered an ankle injury in last week’s acting challenge, and due to doctors’ orders, must drop out of the competition. Ru announces that Kornbread did not have the gold candy bar, so Miss Wonka Supreme is still up for grabs.

The pit crew appear to play a classic balloon popping game. After some vigorous thrusting, and a lot of confetti, the queens are divided into their teams for the main challenge. Ru tells the queens that it’s not easy being eliminated first and welcomes back three queens who left us too soon. Tempest DuJour, Jaymes Mansfield, and Kahmora Hall. For this week’s maxi challenge, each group will have to create a PSA for each of the returning eliminated alumni. The groups get to work with their special guests, and Jorgeous already isn’t feeling good about the rhyming challenge. Over at team Jaymes, Willow and Maddy take on most of the heavy lifting with the writing and worry about how their other queens will contribute. Some of the groups hit a snag while checking up with Ru on their work but will probably pull it together once they start filming with Michelle.

It’s time to film their PSAs. Team Tempest is up first and it’s off to a rocky start with Jorgeous and Deja, but Angeria and Kerri pull it together. Team Kahmora is next, and Bosco takes the lead with directing, and their shoot runs smoothly. Finally, team Jaymes enters the studio. Maddy and Willow bring it with a strong start, but the wheels start to fall off with Orion and Jasmine. It’s elimination day, and as the queens get ready for the runway, they talk about how well they think they did. For some reason Orion thinks she’s winning this week, which is mind-boggling since she did literally the worst while filming and will most likely be in the bottom two. Jorgeous tells the other queens about how she got started in drag at such a young age and started working in the bars at 16. On the other side of the room Willow tells Angeria and Kerri what it was like growing up with her medical condition. Out on the main stage Ru introduces the panel Michelle, Ross, and this week’s special guest pop singer Ava Max. Category on the runway is “Spring has Sprung”, and the queens walk the runway in their best pastel and floral lewks, because as well all know florals for spring is well… ground-breaking.

After the runway the queens gather on the stage to watch their finished PSAs. All the commercials blend to make one long commercial, and some performances are stronger than others. Sarah McLachlan even makes a cameo appearance at the end.

Ru announces Kerri, Deja, Maddy, Willow, and Daya are all safe for the week. The critiques start with Jorgeous, and the judges agree her confidence from the runway didn’t translate to the screen, and got clocked for not wearing lashes in the PSA. The judges don’t love Angeria’s runway look, but she delivered big in the challenge. The judges say Jasmine’s performance was a bit stiff but love her runway look. The judges struggled with Orion’s awkwardness in the challenge. The judges love Lady Camden’s tea party runway, and her performance in the challenge was strong. Finally, Bosco gets high praise from Michelle for her literal poetry, and Ross tells her it’s exciting to watch what she comes up with re: her storm cloud to ray of sunshine runway look.

Following the deliberations Ru announces Bosco is the winner of this week’s maxi challenge. Lady Camden, Angeria, and Jasmine are all safe. Orion and Jorgeous are this week’s bottom two and must lip sync for their lives to “My Head and My Heart” by guest judge Ava Max. Jorgeous turns it OUT for the lip sync, so it’s no surprise that she stays to slay again, and Orion’s fate is now officially up to a chocolate bar. Orion opens her chocolate, and it’s sadly not gold, so she’ll be going home for good this time.

Next week on Drag Race: The queens create looks out of Glamazon Prime packages, and there’s some drama on the couches after the elimination.

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