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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 4 Recap: She’s A Super Tease

The queens participate in their first over-acting challenge, and one of the girls gets a lesson in the art of conversation. Loni Love is the extra special guest…
Last week we said an official first goodbye to June Jumbalaya after she was eliminated following the ball challenge. Earlier in the last episode both Daya Betty and Orion Story were welcomed back into the werk room thus cancelling their eliminations in the first two episodes. Also, at the beginning of last week’s episode each queen chose a chocolate bar, and Ru revealed that at the end of each lip sync the losing queen will unwrap their chocolate bar on the main stage. If the bar is gold, they get a second shot in the competition. If it’s just plain chocolate they’ll be sent to a world of pure imagination (just kidding, they get sent home). There is only one gold bar hidden among the plain chocolate ones.
This week’s episode begins in the werk room. The queens enter following June’s elimination. Maddy reads June’s message, and the queens tell her she deserves to be here. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Willow on her ball win. Jasmine tells the group she’s disappointed that she didn’t win and breaks down in tears for “not winning THE ball”. It’s a new day in the werk room, and the queens enter and kiki around the table. Jasmine talks even more; the queens tell her she talks to much. Miss Kornbread teaches her a quick lesson in the art of conversation.
Ru enters the room and tells the queens they need to know “the art of the tease” because in this week’s acting challenge, the queens will have to perform in “teases” for the season. They’ll need to pull off iconic moments in short times. The queens split up into groups with Willow and Maddy choosing the teams. Unsurprisingly Jasmine is chosen last, which means she gets to choose what team she needs to go to. She picks Willow’s team, which is also Kornbread’s team, so we’ll see how that goes. In confessionals Kornbread compares her to an oatmeal raisin cookie. Yikes. Team Willow is excited to get into the overacting challenge, but Jorgeous is a little nervous. Things are off to a rocky start because of the tension between Kornbread and Jasmine. Over at Team Maddy, the group is thoroughly surprised and impressed with Maddy’s leadership and comedy, but this group will have its challenges too.
It’s finally time for the two teams to shoot their super teases. Team Willow is up first, and it starts a little rough BUT Jasmine and Kornbread are working well together. Team Maddie is next, and this team is killing it. Their comedy is both big and understated in all the right ways. The groups take turns filming their scenes, and it’s a real tossup as to how the finished product will turn out.
It’s elimination day and the queens get ready for the main stage where the category is “Night of 1000 JLo’s”. Jasmine explains to Daya that she’s really trying to have conversations with the other queens and not just talk at them. Watching Maddy paint that winged liner? Oh no mama. Anyways, Kerri talks about being a “birdwatching”, and the queens are interrupted by an incoming video on the werk room screen from none other than miss Jenny from the BLOCK herself. She tells the queens to be fierce but not too fierce. She doesn’t want anyone coming for her throne. Out on the main stage Ru introduces the judging panel Michelle, Ross, and this week’s extra special guest Loni Love. The queens take turns walking the runway, and luckily for us (and Ru) there are no repeat looks.

After the runway the queens gather on the stage to watch the teasers. Team Willow is up first, and their preview was funny! Next up is Team Maddy, and their preview is also really funny. This will be a tough week to judge. Ru calls Lady Camden, Bosco, Jorgeous, Daya, Maddy, Jasmine, and Orion forward. They are all safe. Critiques start with Willow. Loni tells her she went all out for the challenge, and Ross says she was really funny. Michelle loves her look. The judges love Kornbread’s look, and Loni tells her that she doesn’t always need to go for the food jokes as a plus size queen. Kornbread gets emotional on the stage. The judges tell Kerri she pulled of JLo’s most famous look, and she’s wearing the ACTUAL Versace dress. Michelle tells her she’s beautiful, but she shouldn’t be afraid to get vulnerable and dare I say…ugly.
Ross says DeJa’s performance was naturally believable and liked that she did an interpretation of JLo. The judges say Angeria did effortlessly well in the challenge, and she looks incredible. Finally, the judges think Alyssa looks great, but she played one-note in the acting challenge.
Following the judge’s deliberations, and about 500 George puns, the queens head back out to the runway. Ru announces Angeria is the winner of this week’s challenge! Condragulations to a comedy queen. DeJa, Willow, and Kornbread are safe. Alyssa, Kerri, and the original Versace dress are up for elimination. The two bottom queens lip sync to “Play” by Jennifer Lopez of course. Alyssa is moving a lot more because ya know…the dress is probably on loan, but then Alyssa’s prop malfunctions, so it’s still anybody’s game. Ru decides Kerri Colby stays, and Alyssa’s fate officially rests in the hands of the Wonka bar. Alyssa unwraps her bar and it’s…just chocolate, (are you tired of this bit yet?). Alyssa shantays away from season 14 with her head held high. Bye queen.
Next week on Drag Race: Drag Race alum return to help the queens with their main challenge, and Kerri attempts to get scary.

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