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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 14 Episode 2 Recap: Big Opening No. 2

We meet the second half of the season 14 queens, they also compete in a talent show, and music superstar Alicia Keys is a guest judge…
Last week we met the first half of the season 14 cast, and there are already a bunch of fun queens to keep our eyes on. We also said goodbye to the first queen of the season. Orion Story left the competition after a particularly unfunny comedy routine during the first talent show.  This week we’ll meet the remaining group of new queens. We’ll see them compete in similar challenges, and by the end of the week another queen will be sent home.
This week’s episode starts with the remaining queens from last week entering the werk room following Orion’s elimination. June talks about how scared she was to be in the bottom, and how hard she’s going to fight going forward. June wipes the message off the mirror, and head over to the couch to kiki. The queens congratulate Kornbread on her maxi challenge win and talk about their feelings re: the new girls coming into the competition. Following the title sequence, it’s the next day, and we’re ready to meet the new queens. Jorgeous is the first in the werk room. She’s a spicy Latina goddess and says her drag is heavily inspired by Latina divas. Werk. The next queen in the room is Deja Skye and she’s bringing all the right curves to the competition. The third into the room is Jasmine Kennedie. She’s a mix of pageant and show girl, and the entrance look is sickening. She’s hoping that her dance skills will help her stand up. Next up is Maddy Morphosis who is serving a femme Guy Fieri which totally makes sense when Maddy reveals in confessionals that she’s the first cishet man to compete on the show *gasp* I know what you’re thinking, but let’s give her a chance. Angeria Paris VanMichaels steps in the room and she’s dripping in old school pageant southern belle. Lady Camden officially enters the werk room and she’s giving a Y2K pop princess fantasy. Lady C is from North London and calls herself the sixth Spice Girl, which is funny because I’m actually the sixth Spice Girl. Daya Betty is the last to enter. She’s serving 80’s Rockstar realness with a really polished edge. Fun fact, Daya is Crystal Methyd’s drag sis.

Ru enters the room and welcomes the queens to the competition and drops the bomb that one queen has already left the competition, and by the end of tonight, one of them will also be packing their bags. This group of queens is also doing a photoshoot mini challenge. Instead of a spinning wheel, Deja is up first and she’s posing with a tiny bowl of Tic Tacs. Ru does a fake out diva moment and a giant bowl of Tic Tacs appear from behind a wall. Like literally a hot tub of orange Tic Tacs. So OFICIALLY, the queens are posing in the Tic Tac hottub. The queens take turns romping in the zesty mints. Back in the werk room Ru announces that Angeria has won the tic tac hot tub photo challenge. The queens get out of drag and discover who the trade of the season is.
Ru re-enters and gets to know the queens one at a time.  A couple of the queens are lip syncing for their talent (boooooorrrinnngggg), but some of the other queens have some other tricks up their sleeves. Ru outs that Maddy is a straight (once again, the show’s first!) to the whole werk room, and when the rattlesnake sound effect triggered all the other queens to SNAP their necks in shock, it truly sent me to MARS. It’s the next day in the werk room, and the queens are getting ready for their first main stage performance. This week’s extra special guest judge Alicia Keys appears from behind the mirror to give the queens a pep talk before the talent show. Out on the main stage Ru introduces this week’s judging panel, Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley, and of course, Miss Alicia Keys. Up first in the CNT talent show is Jorgeous. She’s lip syncing, but she is putting in the werk to make it a performance mama. I mean, Ru says “yes bitch!” four times after she finishes, so yeah it was a good performance. Jasmine Kennedie does her lip sync performance next, and it’s also impressive, there’s a lot of acrobatics and that’s worth noting. Daya Betty is next doing her lip sync of P!nk’s Get the Party Stared, and it’s giving naptime. It’s giving bathroom break to be honest. Lady Camden is next and she’s doing a dance routine, that incorporates her ballet training. It’s no Brooke Lynn, but it’s fun. Finally, we get something different from miss Deja with a cheer tutorial and it falls flat. If you’re still in the bathroom from Daya’s performance, don’t worry because you haven’t missed much. Maddy Morphesis is up next playing an electric guitar. At least she’s actually playing the guitar, and as impressive as it is, it’s still boring. Angeria is last, and she’s performing an original song. It’s loud and bright and funny. So it’s good comparatively, but as a fan of the show, I always hope for something a little different from this specific challenge.
After the challenge the category is “sickening signature drag”, and the queens take to the runway in their most stunning looks. After the runway it’s time for their critiques. The judges love Jorgeous’s runway look, and she did a good job with the performance, but it needed a little more energy from the start. Deja is next, and Michelle tells her she appreciates her doing something different with her talent, but it just wasn’t funny enough. Carson compliments Jasmine’s acrobatics, and all the judges love her sixties inspired drag. Michelle loves Maddy’s look, says she needs some help with her makeup, and Carson tells her she needed to amp it up with the talent. Carson and Ru love Angeria’s runway dress, and all the judges loved her original song. The judges really like how much they can see Lady Camden’s personality in her look and talent. Daya Betty is last, and while her runway look was stunning, it was a little ripped in the back, and all the judges agreed her lip sync in the talent show didn’t show enough of her original personality.
Following the judge’s deliberations all of the queens head back out to the main stage. Ru announces that Angeria is the winner of this week’s challenge. Lady Camden, Jorgeous, Jasmine Kennedie, and Maddy Morphesis are all safe for the week. This leaves Deja and Daya in the bottom. The two bottom queens lip sync for their lives to “Falling” by Alicia Keys. Following the lip sync, Ru announces that Deja will stay in the competition, and Daya Betty will be the second queen to leave this season. Bye girl!
Next week on Drag Race: Both sets of queens meet for the first time, and the competition gets fierce, and the queens throw a ball.
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