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Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 7 Recap: The Roast of Brooke Lynn Hytes

The remaining six queens test out their cruel comedy chops with a roast honouring Canada’s Queen of the North. Comedienne Emma Hunter is a guest judge…

Last week Synthia Kiss was told to sashay away from the competition after this season’s Sinner’s Ball challenge. There are six queens remaining as we approach the last four episodes of the season. Who will make it that much closer to the crown? This week the queens will take part in the competition’s most cringe main challenge… THE ROAST!! Let’s get into the inevitable overuse of cricket sound effects!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room immediately following Synthia’s elimination. Kendall is overcome with emotion after sending her sister home. She wipes her message away, and the queens gather on the couch to recap last week’s challenge. Kendall wishes she would have designed a Beyonce leotard, and in confessionals she says she wanted to put on a show with her lip synching. The queens get out of drag and prepare for the next challenge.

The next day, the top six enter the werk room and the queens are feeling good about making it to the next round. The queens congratulate Icesis on her second design challenge win. In confessionals Pythia has some qualms with Icesis winning the challenge based on the look she designed, which to be fair, was a high-waisted panty and a bunch of chains. Make no mistake, Icesis looked sickening, but Pythia does have a point here…There were other looks that took a lot more effort, but this proves that you can’t just rely on a look. You have to be able to sell sell sell! Ru interrupts with a video message about barbeques, and Brad enters the room and tells the queens that in this week’s mini challenge the queens will toot and boot memorable looks of the season in pairs on his new “show”. The queens get into quick drag and get to the studio to throw some shade at each other’s looks. Brad announces the winners of the mini challenge is Kendall Gender! Following the mini challenge Brad tells the queens that this week’s maxi-challenge is a roast for Queen of the North, Brooke Lynn Hytes. As the winner of the mini challenge, Kendall will get to choose the roast order. Kendall assigns the order (she gives herself the first spot, which will either be a major win or flop), and the queens get to work writing their jokes.

None of the remaining queens are really “comedy queens”, so this challenge though hard, should be fair, and interesting to watch play out. One-by-one the queens go to the main stage to workshop their material with Brad, and this week’s guest comedienne Emma Hunter. Kendall is opening the show, and she has a great foundation for some killer jokes, Adriana has some trouble with her language barrier, and bombs in the rehearsal, and I’m already watching with my hands in front of my face. Kimora has good jokes in her rehearsal, and just needs to work on the flow of her routine. Pythia starts rocky, but finds her rhythm, and Icesis’s material is little too mean and not enough funny. Finally, Gia Metric is feeling nervous about her performance since being mean isn’t really in her nature and struggles to get the right material.

It’s roast/elimination day and the queens are getting ready for their comedy roast debuts. Pythia talks about owning their femininity, and using drag like a superpower, and the queens share how they can translate their confidence in drag into their everyday life. Out on the main stage Brooke introduces us to the judges Amanda, Brad, and of course this week’s guest Emma Hunter. Kendall Gender takes the stage, and the roast is ON. Kendall does an incredible job opening the show. All of her jokes land, she looks stunning, and she has a lot of energy. Kendall throws it over to Adriana whose routine starts a bit rough, but she has some jokes that land, and she’ll probably be safe. Gia is next and it’s hard to watch…damn. No, that’s literally all I can say because nothing landed, and I disassociated during her set. Pythia is next, and she doesn’t do well either. Icesis follows and opens with a banger of a joke, and her delivery is SPOT on, but might get clocked for taking too long to get to Brooke, and completely running out of time. Kimora is next and her jokes start good, but take a mean turn, but not the mean that’s fun to laugh at. Totally different than the promising material she delivered in rehearsal. Following the roast, the queens take the runway, and the category is Dungeons and Drag Queens, and its filled with fantasy looks fit for any drag-on queen (see what I did there?)

After the runway the queens get critiqued, and Icesis is first. Brad admits he was worried about Icesis during the workshop, and says she turned it out for the performance, and Emma agreed, although she DID end up getting clocked for the time, but her material was so good she doesn’t need to worry. Brooke says Kimora looked stunning in the roast but wasn’t feeling the runway look. Emma says Kimora was a front runner based on her rehearsal but didn’t show up for the roast. The judges loved Gia’s runway look, but said her roast fell flat. Brad and Brooke like Adriana’s runway look, and Amanda comments on how she eventually hit her stride in the roast. Brad tells Kendall he was obsessed with her performance, and the other judges agree she did an amazing job being off book, and funny as hell. Brad loves Pythia’s centaur runway reveal, but the rest of the judges agree that her roast material was not up to par.

The judges deliberate while the queens untuck and discuss who they think will be lip synching this week. Adriana brings up the fact that they’re in the sweet spot of the competition where the judges might ask who they believe should go home. Kimora says, “say me”, and goes off about how she’s hit her peak, and done her best and she’s ready to go. The rest of the queens watch in horror, and Kendall tries to talk her off the ledge. Icesis starts to cry, and Gia can’t understand why she would want to leave. Following the deliberations, the judges announce that Kendall is the winner of the week, while Icesis, Pythia, and Adriana are safe. This leaves Gia and Kimora in the bottom, and lip syncing for their lives. The two bottom queens lip sync to Get Down by B44. After a confusing, and half-hearted lip sync it comes as no surprise that Gia Metric is staying in the competition, and as Kimora Amour said five minutes ago, her time is up.

Frontrunner of the week: Kendall Gender! Your time has come baby! The roast? Cooked to PERFECTION, but can we talk about the roast look??? Possibly her best yet!

Meh moment of the week: Watching a queen throw in the towel is never fun as a superfan of the show, so seeing Kimora say she was ready to go home after getting so close to the finale was hard to watch. Especially since there were a handful of queens who left before her who would have fought right to the bitter end given the chance.

What we’ll see next week: it’s the drag family makeover challenge! And the queens are putting on a prom!

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