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Canada’s Drag Race Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Bye Flop

The queens hoe down for a rootin tootin good time performing country-pop break-up songs and Canadian music icon Bif Naked is a guest judge…

Last week we said goodbye to Quebec queen Suki Doll after her Yoko Ono impersonation during this season’s round of the Snatch Game. Some queens were flying high, and some flew a bit too close to the sun. We’re down to our final eight queens, and this week they’re splitting into pop-country girl groups for a song challenge. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode begins in the werk room following Suki’s elimination. Pythia is sad to see her fellow Montreal sister leave. Eve reads Suki’s lipstick message and wipe it off the mirror before the queens head over to the couch to debrief and congratulate Synthia on her Snatch Game win. Adriana was surprised she didn’t have to lip sync, and Eve tells the other queens how validated they feel having proved they are worthy lip sync competition. The next day the remaining eight queens enter the werk room. Eve still feels like they shouldn’t have been in the bottom last week, and Ru interrupts with a video message. Ru tells the queens they need to show up or hoe down. Traci enters the werk room to introduce the queens to this week’s mini challenge. The queens get into pairs and quick drag to give their best sex education lessons. Following some tutorials featuring Trojan condoms, lube, and various phallic produce, the winners of the mini challenge are Gia Metric and Synthia Kiss. Traci then introduces the maxi challenge where the queens will transform into country pop girl groups singing songs about coming out the other side of a bad breakup, and before we completely come for Taylor Swift’s gig, the queens split up into groups lead by Synthia and Gia.

Synthia chooses Kendall, Kimora, and Eve 6000. While Gia picks Pythia, Icesis, and Adriana. The groups get to work on figuring out band names, learning the songs, and writing the lyrics. Synthia’s group, the Dosey Hoes are confident in their ability to turn it out on stage. After an absolute FLOP during the rusical challenge Eve has a lot to prove with this performance and has chosen to rap her verse. Gia’s group “The Giddy Girls” are ready to stand out, and giddy-up to the challenge. The groups head out to the main stage recording studio to record their songs with Canadian music icon Bif Naked. The Dosey Hoes hit some bumps but Synthia pulls it together at the end. The Giddy Girls, and Gia enthusiastically starts harmonizing on her voice, but Adriana hiccups with the timing and lyrics of her verse. Pythia ends the recording session on a high note.

Next the queens choreograph their own routines, and Synthia and Kendall take the lead for the Dosey Hoes while Eve and Kimora struggle to get the steps down. The Giddy Girls are nervous they won’t be as big on stage as the other group and choreograph accordingly. It’s elimination day, and as the queens get ready for the runway and their performances, they talk about country music, and Icesis reveals that her real-life younger brother is also her drag daughter. Synthia tells the group that her dad is gay, and their unique relationship through the years. After a few yee haws it’s runway time, and out on the main stage Brooke introduces this week’s judges Brad, Traci, and Bif Naked. First to perform Bye Flop is The Giddy Girls. Their performance is good, and each queen did their verses well. The Dosey Hoes don’t give an awful performance, but their group isn’t as cohesive, and the dancing wasn’t as dynamic as the Giddy Girls.

Following the performances, the queens take the runway, and the category is “MonoChromatica: Apocalyptic Pop Princess”. After the runway, Brooke announces that the Giddy Girls are the winning group, with Gia Metric being the main winner of the week. The remaining Giddy Girls are all safe. Synthia tells the judges she felt the pressure being the group challenge, and the judges agreed that the performance was disjointed, because in the end all of the members had a say. Brooke calls Kendall’s runway look current and basic and that her verse was her least favourite of the group. Brad loves Eve’s runway look, but the performance fell flat, which the judges are frustrated. Brad and Traci loves Kimora’s runway look and agree her performance was fun. While the judges deliberate the queens chat backstage, and nobody really knows who will be in the bottom. Following deliberations Brooke announces Kimora, and Kendall are safe, leaving Eve 6000 and Synthia Kiss to lip sync for their lives. Eve and Synthia lip sync to Bif Naked’s “I Love Myself Today.” After an explosive lip sync Brooke announces that Synthia Kiss will stay in the competition, and Eve 6000’s time has come to an official end. We’ll miss your chaotic dramatics Eve!

What we’ll see next week: We’re throwing a ball dolls, and Canadian social media star Gigi Gorgeous is a guest judge!

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