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Watch The Trailer For Bilal Baig’s Groundbreaking Series ‘Sort Of’

Baig’s groundbreaking series Sort Of will premiere on CBC’s streaming service this October…
Bilal Baig – who is Muslim, identifies as queer and transfeminine, and uses they/them pronouns – will make history this fall when CBC’s Sort Of debuts, making Baig the first queer/trans actor of South Asian and Muslim backgrounds to be cast in the lead role of a Canadian primetime television series.
Sort Of is a big-hearted eight-episode comedy that follows the journey of Sabi Mehboob, a gender-fluid 25-year-old, as they decide to turn down a dream opportunity to live overseas to remain as a nanny for a family dealing with a devastating accident.
You can watch the trailer for Sort Of below:

Sort Of premieres on CBC’s streaming service, CBC Gem, beginning Tuesday, October 5. The series then broadcasts on CBC TV with back-to-back episodes beginning Tuesday, November 9, at 9 pm local (9:30 pm NT).
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