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Celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Community

Canada's Drag Race Season 2: Meet The Queens!

The race to crown the next Queen of the North kicks off October 14 on Crave…
It’s been just over a year since Toronto’s own Priyanka was crowned as the first drag superstar of Canada, and we’re ready to welcome more queens to the family. The cast of Canada’s Drag Race season two has been revealed, and it’s time that new queens from coast to coast compete for the crown. Let’s meet them!

Icesis Couture
Ottawa, Ontario

Icesis describes her drag as a “sexy nightmare” and is excited to become friends with the other queens this season, while observing from afar. She’s coming into the werk room with a solid strategy to make it all the way to the finish line.

Quebec City, Quebec

Adriana, who immigrated to Canada from Columbia as a teen, is a looks queen who serves up drama all day long. This Latina queen is a triple threat, and she’s ready to wow everybody on the runway with her gorgeous blend of Latin, and Quebecois style.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Beth describes their drag style is all about big hair, big makeup, and a fat ass. They don’t like to limit themselves to a specific style or colour, so prepare for range on the runway. Beth is Two Spirit, Métis and is excited to represent Canada’s Indigenous community on the show, while also playing the game with a lot of heart.

Stephanie Prince
Calgary, Alberta

The Filipino princess has arrived, and her secret weapon is her skills on the dancefloor. Stephanie is excited to represent all of her Asian sisters on the Canadian main stage, and says she always tells it like it is, which is her superpower.

Montreal, Quebec

Pythia is the “gender-bending-clown-Grecian-goddess of our nightmares”. As Adore Delano would say… “Party.” Pythia is non-binary and is excited to show others that they can have fun with gender. Growing up Pythia identified with villainous characters and has brought that fabulous aesthetic to their drag style. Pythia is bringing the weird, and we’re ready.

Océane Aqua Black
Quebec City, Quebec

Océane has been doing drag for 18 years, and is always laughing, and she’s definitely bringing that infectious laughter to the competition. We can expect a lot of fantasy, and whimsy from her performances, and she’s ready to show the country that she is a force to be reckoned with.

Kimora Amour
Scarborough, Ontario

Kimora is a pageant queen dripping in opulence, and she’s ready to take the Canada’s Drag Race stage. A lot of Kimora’s drag looks come from “afro-futurism”, as she loves infusing traditional African elements into a futuristic aesthetic. Kimora is excited to bring black positivity to the forefront of her performances this season as a way to embrace the love.

Kendall Gender
Vancouver, British Columbia

Kendall describes herself as the Queen of Vancouver, but she’s ready to take over the rest of Canada. Kendall takes pride in her strong performances and knows she can bring it on the runway. For Kendall community, drag, and activism come together, which is the most important thing to her.

Synthia Kiss
Vancouver, British Columbia

Synthia loves a bait and switch and is ready to shock us all on the runway. Synthia describes their drag as fun, colourful, bold, and cartoonish. She’s been doing drag for five years, but has spent the last two away from performing, choosing Canada’s Drag Race as her big return to the art.

Suki Doll
Montreal, Quebec

Suki is expensive darling, and she’s ready to bring her sass to the runway. She’s an actress, and she’s ready to pull out all the stops to give us her all in every performance this season. Suki mixes her Vietnamese, Chinese, and Cambodian culture into her designs, which is a way for her to share her truest self through drag. Suki is one of a very few performing Asian queens in Quebec and is excited to represent on the show.

Gia Metric
Vancouver, British Columbia

Gia is a creature from outer space, and she is ready to bring the drama to season two. Her favourite thing about being a drag queen is the exchange of energy on stage and warns anybody who may lip sync against her to watch their backs. OFFICIALLY. Gia’s imagination, and eye for fashion brings an essence to the runway that is uniquely hers.

Eve 6000
Toronto, Ontario

Eve brings camp and beauty to the runway in their drag. Eve’s drag is inspired by the iconic Marilyn Monroe, as well as other curvy starlets from Hollywood’s golden age. The name Eve 6000 comes from the popular crafting glue a lot of queens use, but Eve insists that they’re the fun kind of toxic and is here to represent the trans, non-binary community and show that there is a place for everyone.
The second season of Canada’s Drag Race will welcome back judge Brooke Lynn Hytes, with new additions to the judging panel like celebrity stylist Brad Goreski, actress Amanda Brugel (who guest judged on the show’s first season), and Etalk host Traci Melchor, who acted as “Canada’s Squirrel Friend” last year. Brugel and Melchor will reportedly be on rotation throughout the season. The show will also host a different celebrity guest weekly.

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