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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 9 Recap: Drag Tots

The top five queens create original characters for the Drag Tots universe, and Charli XCX is a guest judge…

Last week we said goodbye to Pandora Boxx following her less than thrilling performance of Kim Cattrall in this season’s Snatch Game of Love. While Pandora waits in the wings with the rest of the eliminated queens for their “second chance”, which I think we all can agree will happen the next week, the remaining queens prepare for another acting challenge, and this one is animated! Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode starts in the werk room following Pandora’s elimination. They gather on the couches to first congratulate Ginger on her win. The five remaining queens go through the votes in the lipstick box, and the collective voted unanimously to send Pandora home (except for Pandora, who voted for Trinity). Trinity thanks the queens for allowing her to continue to fight for the crown and gives an inspiring speech about not focusing on the negatives of her snatch game performance. But we’ve finally got a top five, and with last week’s lip sync win, Ginger Minj is the current front runner, but as we know anything can and will happen.

The next day, the top five enter the werk room, and read Pandora’s lipstick message, wipe it away, and talk about how the werk room is starting to feel empty. Ru appears on video as an animated unicorn head, before he enters the room to play a mini game with the queens (I feel like we haven’t had a lot of mini games this season, which is a crime). The queens give each other high school yearbook superlatives. Majority rules in this game, so if your answer matches with the most other queens, you get a point.

The winners of the mini challenge are Ginger and Kylie. In this week’s maxi challenge, the queens will have to create a full character with a full backstory and create a look to bring them to life on the runway. This is a design challenge, which we hardly ever get anymore, so I’m excited. The queens get to work on creating their characters, and Trinity and Eureka talk about the negative superlatives they received in the mini challenge. Eureka tells Trinity not to get in her head about it this late in the competition. Ru checks in on the progress of the characters. Most of the queens have a solid concept for their characters, including Eureka, who has taken the reality of getting the most negative superlatives in the mini challenge, and making her character a super villain. The queens continue working on their character’s original looks, with some of them completely re-working their original ideas to fit with the concept of the show better. Ra’Jah, who got less than favourable walk-through feedback from Ru is completely shutting down while trying to work on her character.

It’s elimination day, and the queens put the finishing touches on their looks, while getting ready for the runway. Eureka wants to win a challenge and is worried they’ll be on the chopping block if they walks away from another challenge without a win. The queens talk about their memories being a toddler. As most of the queens are gluing eyelashes on, Kylie is STILL working on her outfit. The pressure is ON girl. Out on the main stage Ru introduces the judges, and this week’s extra special guest, singer Charli XCX! Drag Tots characters voiced by Bianca Del Rio and Latrice Royal are also on the main stage to help judge the competition. The queens take turns on the runway introducing their characters, an showing off their new original looks. The remaining queens are all superstars, and all of their characters were so different from each other. This will be another hard challenge to judge. Following the runway, it’s time for critiques, and it starts with Trinity. Michelle and Ross praise Trinity on how strong her character was, and how well her costume and look matched. Ginger is next, and Michelle says her design was spot on for her character, and Ross says she kept her backstory voice-over constantly exciting. Ru tells Ra’Jah that she chose the right name, and Michelle loves the entire look, and character concept. Michelle and Ross love Eureka’s look, and Ross tells Eureka that he appreciated how they took the negative superlatives from the mini challenge, and made them a superpower, but Michelle says they could have gone bigger with the expressions. Finally, the judges love Kylie’s dress, and character, but Michelle says she could have done a little more with her movements. Based on the critiques, Ru announces that Ra’Jah is the winner of the week! This week, everybody else is at the bottom.

While Ra’Jah chooses who she thinks deserves to go home (while also choosing the top four if she wins the lip sync), the rest of the queens are all voting for each other. The queens all take turns talking to Ra’Jah, pleading their case as to why they should be in the top four. Eureka breaks down to Trinity and Ginger about “always being a bridesmaid”, and WOW, same. The queens weigh all of their options before casting their votes and making their picks. Back on the runway, Ra’Jah is met with her lip sync assassin who is none other than Kameron Michaels. Kameron and Ra’Jah lip sync to Boom Clap by Charli XCX. Both queens deliver passionate performances, but it’s Kameron Michaels who wins the lip sync, meaning it’s the bottom queen’s elimination choice. Kameron reveals that the queen that the group has chosen to go home is, Eureka. After saying goodbye to each queen Eureka exists the stage, but as they’re packing, they too get a cryptic video message from Ru, but this time… there’s more info. Ru tells Eureka to prepare for the most important lip sync of their life, and to IMMEDIATELY report to the main stage before the episode ends.

What we’ll see next week: The remaining queens celebrate being in the top four, and the game within a game is FINALLY revealed.

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