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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 5 Recap: Pink Table Talk

The queens get personal, and spill the tea on Pink Table Talk before an epic clash of the patterns on the runway…

Last week we said goodbye to firecracker Yara Sofia following an iconic Divas halftime performance tribute challenge after Yara’s Shakira was the weakest of the incredible performances. Jan may have won the challenge with her spot-on Gaga, but it was actually Trinity who stole the show with her breathtaking Beyoncé, that had even Bianca Del Rio singing her praises on twitter and Instagram following last week’s episode. Yara may be gone, but as we know the game for the eliminated queens is far from over.  This week the queens get real on their own table talk shows, and another queen will be sent home into All Stars purgatory. Let’s get into it!

This week’s episode starts in the werk room following Yara’s elimination. A’Keria is happy to still be in the competition but admits that it’s hard now that she has two strikes against her. The queens talk about Yara’s less than sincere parting speech, and how they didn’t feel she wanted to fight for her spot any time she landed in the bottom. Jan opens the box and find out that everybody voted for Yara to go home and enters panic mode as she says it is a complete 180 of what she thought was going to happen. Jan, what show were you watching last week? Jan reveals to the group that after a difficult decision, she picked A’Keria to go home, and that she feels stupid for not seeing what the rest of the group saw. I literally don’t know how that’s possible but go off I guess.

The next day, the queens enter the werk room, and read Yara’s somewhat unhinged message on the mirror, and gather around the table to talk about which one of them is the most fashion forward of the season. A’Keria refuses to give Trinity Trade of the Season and stands by her statement. Ru enters the room and tells the queens that talk is cheap but being able to properly communicate is priceless. Tin this week’s maxi challenge, the queens will work in teams of three to spill the tea on a daytime talk show. The queens divide themselves in teams, and divide the three topics (sex, body, and motherhood). Ginger really wants motherhood, as she tells the group “she’s trying to be a mother”, but Scarlett in another group says she has a unique perspective since she has two moms. The two Rock Paper Scissors for it and Scarlett ends up winning.

Over in the body group, Ginger, and Jan are comfortable talking about their bodies, but Pandora states in confessionals that she’s super uncomfortable with her body and doesn’t like to talk about it. This could lead to vulnerability that the judges are looking for in this challenge. Over in the Motherhood group Scarlett explains that she’s super excited to work on this topic. Ra’Jah is slightly uncomfortable talking about motherhood since her relationship with hers isn’t the strongest, but Kylie reassures her that her perspective will add to their conversation. Finally, in the Sex group A’Keria takes on gender roles with sex, Trinity tells the group she’ll be taking on a more serious topic talking about sex as an HIV positive person, and Eureka will take on sex in a plus size body. As the queens get ready Scarlett tells Kylie that she needs to pop on screen after the critiques of the last acting challenge.

Out on the main stage, the groups take turns taping their Pink Table Talk episodes. The Sex group is up first. They set the bar high, their show is filled with vulnerability, humour, and honesty. The Motherhood group is up next, and though this group does a good job, their show doesn’t flow as smooth as the previous group. Finally, the Body group is at the table. Ginger does a fantastic job moderating, and Jan really take the reins on the conversation, and Pandora enters the conversation a little late, but still adds to the conversation.

It’s elimination day in the werk room, and most of the queens feel good about their pink table performances. Ra’Jah is nervous that she may have said too much about her mom. While preparing for the runway, the queens talk about how they will vote going forward. It’s not personal…it’s just drag. Out on the runway Ru introduces the judges, and this week’s special guest, actress and talk show personality Aisha Tyler. Tonight, the category is “Clash of the Patterns”, and the queens take turns sashaying down the runway in one of my favourite fashion trends, bold patterns! Following the runway, Ru tells the queens that based on the Pink Table Talk performances, and runway looks, decisions have been made. Trinity, Eureka, and A’Keria (sex) were the best team of the week, but the top All Star of the week was Ginger Minj from the body group. Trinty, Eureka, and A’Keria are all safe for the week. The critiques start with Ra’Jah, and the judges love her look, and Michelle tells them that they had the toughest topic. The judges praise Ra’Jah on how open and honest she was. Ru loves Kylie’s look, and Michelle tells her that she did a good job keeping the conversation going but could have done more to open up. Michelle tells Scarlet she loves her dress, and Scarlet explains that it’s made out of her grandparent’s love letters. Ross tells her that her vulnerability was fantastic, but her tendency to slip into “show mode” took her out of the conversation. Ru said Scarlet’s inability to balance the two in harmony made her “uncomfortable”. OOF. Michelle tells Jan her outfit on the runway didn’t make sense in the way she wanted it to. Ross tells her that she may have been too high energy, and too “performer” for the vulnerability of this specific challenge. Ross likes Pandora’s Sally dress, and that she had some good surface moments on her show but held back more than she should have. Following critiques, Ru announces that Ra’Jah, and Pandora are safe, leaving Kylie, Jan, and Scarlet as the bottom queens of the week, and up for elimination.

Backstage, the bottom queens plead their case. Scarlet, who is forgetting that RuPaul told her that her performance made her uncomfortable, tells both the group, and Ginger that she did not get the harshest critique, and that of the three of them Jan should be sent home. Over at the group Jan tells the queens she’s confused about her critique. Eureka and Trinity help her make sense of it, but Jan still thinks giving 110 per cent shouldn’t get her eliminated from the competition. Kylie tells Ginger she’s embarrassed to be in the bottom, but Ginger tells her she understands where she’s coming from and tells the group that she’ll get loud if she lives to see another week. Ginger tells Jan what Scarlet said, and Jan sets the record straight. The queens take turns voting, and Ginger makes her choice before heading back out to the main stage. Out on the runway, Ginger is met with her secret lip sync assassin, who is none other than the queen of my heart Bianca Del Rio. Bianca explains that she’s not actually here to lip sync because “if she didn’t have to do it on her season, why should she have to do it now”, and exits stage left.

Soon after, the real assassin is revealed to be Mayhem Miller from season 10. Mayhem and Ginger lip sync for their legacy, and a thirty-thousand-dollar tip to “Phone,” by the other queen of my heart, Lizzo. The queens give a passionate lip sync, and it’s Ginger Minj who wins the lip sync, and the generous cash tip. Ginger says that she would like to give a portion of her tips to her teammates this week, as she feels she wouldn’t be standing at the top without them. Along with winning, Ginger is also burdened with eliminating the bottom queen of her choice. Ginger announces that the queen leaving the competition this week is Scarlet Envy.

Scarlet thanks Ru and leaves the stage. As she packs her things backstage, Ru tells her there is a game within a game, and she can still play…if she wants to.

What we’ll see next week: The queens get ooky, and spooky with an American Horror Story themed over-acting challenge, and another lip sync assassin is revealed.

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