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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 6 Episode 3 Recap: Side Hustles

The queens get down to work, and film commercials for their side-hustles, and later redeem past runway looks on the main stage…

Last week we were treated with the first two episodes of the new All Stars season. We said early goodbyes to Serena ChaCha, and Jiggly Caliente. While the two have been kicked off of the original competition, Ru has been teasing a game within a game, and both queens were approached following their eliminations with a cryptic video message from Ru saying that they have another shot. Will we get more information on what that means this week? Maybe… let’s get into it.

This week’s episode starts in the werk room following Jiggly’s elimination (which was nearly a double elimination). Over on the couches, the queens congratulate Ra’Jah on her win. Ra’Jah says she couldn’t have picked Yara based on her win in the previous challenge. The queens go through the voting box. The vote is not unanimous, and Ginger breaks down while she’s telling the other queens why she voted for Jiggly to go. Trinity tells the group that she picked Yara because of her lack of motivation in the design challenge, but the other queens aren’t buying it. In confessionals, Trinity says that this game is one of friendship and strategy, and maybe she has to change the way she’s outwardly playing.

The next day, the queens enter the work room and read Jiggly’s message on the mirror. Ru interrupts the kiki with a video message and tells the queens that it do take skills to pay your bills. Ru enters the room and tells the queens that for this week’s maxi-challenge the queens will be working in teams to film a commercial to sell their side hustles. The queens line up according to height, and Ru puts the queens in teams. Once placed into their teams, Ru tells them what they’ll be selling, and the queens get to work planning their commercials. Pandora takes charge of her team and tells confessionals that their team has the advantage since she’s worked on similar commercials in Rochester New York, werk. While the rest of the Drag Fixers team (Trinity, Ra’Jah and Pandora) get to work, teammate Yara is not as involved with the planning. The Drag Exorcism team (Eureka, Scarlet, and Kylie) isn’t worried about the improv they might have to do (except for Kylie, who is not stoked about going in without a solid plan). The final group, the Rent-A-Queens (Ginger, Jan, Silky, and A’Keria) have lots of big plans for their commercial, but Silky fears it may be too much to fit into a small video and wants to keep it simple.

The queens meet Michelle and Ross in the studio to film their commercials. The Drag Fixers are first, and they’ve come prepared. Trinity knows back in her season, she stumbled through the acting challenges, so she wants to make sure she takes direction, and performs well. Overall, the team does well, and gets laughs while filming. The Exorcize queens are next, and they need a little direction. Eureka really goes for it, which pulls it all together. The final group are the Rent-a-Queens. A’Keria stumbles with her lines at the beginning, but the group remains supportive. There are A LOT of scenes going on in this commercial, and Silky is feeling the pressure of being in every single scene, despite having only three short lines in the whole thing. She’s worried she’ll fade into the background.

It’s elimination day, and almost everybody is feeling confident in the work they’ve produced. The queens put the finishing touches on their runway looks and start to paint for the main stage. The queens ask Silky what’s getting her down. Silky opens up and tells the queens that she thought it would be a bit easier, after she had a hard time following her first appearance on the show. She was often told she was too much of an overpowering personality on her season and wanted to make sure she gave other queens a chance to shine. A’Keria reassures Silky that she’s talented and deserves to be there. Out on the main stage Ru introduces the judges, and this week’s extra special guest Tia Mowry, of Sister, Sister fame. On the runway, the category is RuDemption Runway. The queens take turns strutting down the runway while redeeming past fashion fails from their original seasons. Following the runway, the queens present their side hustle commercials. The Exor-Size Queens are up first, and the commercial is solid. Next up are the Drag Fixers, and their commercial is funny from start to finish, and gets a lot of laughs from the judges. Up last is team Rent-A-Queen, and there is a lot going on in this commercial. Ru tells the queens they will be judged as teams and announces that the Drag Fixers are the winners of the challenge, and Trinity K Bonet is the winner of this week’s challenge! WERK! The rest of team Fix-It-Bitch is safe.

First to be critiqued is Kylie. Michelle tells her she’s fully redeemed herself with the look, and the rest of the judges praise her for coming out of her shell and performing in the commercial. Michelle tells Scarlet that she looks like Sophia Loren, and that her performance was so fun to watch. The judges also tell Eureka that her work on the commercial was great. Safe to say this team will be safe from the bottom. Jan is a team-player, and the judges tell her they notice how professional her work is, but that she needs to step up to be the focus sometimes. Michelle gives Ginger some tips for her look and makeup, but Tia says Ginger’s commitment to making the scene work in the commercial was commendable. The judges love Silky’s energy on the runway but wished it would have come through on the commercial.  Finally, A’Keria gets full redemption on her kaftan look. Michelle tells her she could tell she was nervous, and Tia said she wanted to see more. Following critiques, Ru tells team Rent-A-Queen they’re in the bottom, while Kylie, Scarlet, and Eureka are all safe. Backstage while the four bottom queens express their frustration with having good critiques, but still being in the bottom. In the corner, Trinity is feeling underappreciated while the bottom queens air their grievances, and she lets the other queens know it. The queens do a pity-toast to the winner, and one by one the bottom queens plead their cases to Trinity, and the rest of the group.

The queens take turns voting for their bottom, and Trinity makes her final decision. Back out on the main stage, Trinity is met with this week’s lip sync assassin, and it’s…Laganja Estranja who enters the stage in a jumping split, and it’s officially game on. Trinity and Laganja lip sync for their legacy to Physical by Dua Lipa, and both queens are in it, but Laganja definitely goes for more stunts. Ru announces that Laganja wins the lip sync, which means the 10-thousand-dollar tip will roll over into next week’s winnings, and the group’s choice will be eliminated. Laganja reveals that the queens that the rest of the group has chosen to go home is Silky Nutmeg Ganache. After a tearful goodbye Silky exits the runway. Once again, while Silky is packing she gets a mysterious second chance message from Ru, but not further explanation of what that means.

What we’ll see next week: the queens perform in a halftime show, and Jan makes her case for why she shouldn’t have been in the bottom.

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