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The Best Sex Toys You’re Not Using

Stock your nightstands with these lesser-known sexual items…
With my boyfriend in another country and a pandemic entering its second phase, I’ve resolved that I will be having very little sex this year. As a result, I’ve become unfathomably horny. So when I’m not mowing down on meal-sized snacks or talking politics with my houseplants, I’m going to town on a sex toy, and data tells me I’m not alone.
In June, the New York Times published a story examining our shared proclivity for solo sex during the pandemic, reporting that sex toy sales are through the roof with figures 30, 80, even 200 percent higher than they were last year.
With these stats, one can assume the majority is fairly familiar with sex toys, so I’m not going to lecture you on what you already know. What I’ll do instead is share some lesser known items that I’ve had wonderful experiences with over the years as a sex jouralist and educator.

The OhNut defines itself as an “intimate wearable,” which offers very little information regarding what it actually is, so allow me to explain. The OhNut is similar to a cock-ring, but is designed to act as a buffer for when penetration is painfully deep. Designed to feel like skin with a fit as comfortable as a “gentle hug”, the OhNut contains four rings that can be used together or individually, whichever offers the most pleasurable depth. I also like to use it as a masturbator, but that’s just me.
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Dilation is one of the three Ds of anal preperation (the others being dieting and douching) and it’s one of the best things you can do to train you bum for anal intercourse, whether you’re a beginner or you’re experienced and looking to upsize. Unlike any other on the market, the Odile is the first all-in-one butt plug dilator. So, instead of swapping one toy for a larger one (which is how most anal dilators work––they’re often in a set of four) you turn the key at the bottom of the device to widen it millimeter by millimeter. Unfortunately, the toy is not available until the end of the year, but it’s currently available for pre-order.
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FORIA Intimacy Suppositories with CBD
CBD lubes are nothing new, and based on my experiences, I’m not fond of many. Something you may not have tried, however, are CBD suppositories. They are incredible. These small, rocket-shaped pills can be inserted rectally or vaginally to enhance arousal, ease discomfort and relieve tension without feeling high. Cannabinoids help relax the sphincter muscles and allow for comfortable penetration without numbing, which is exactly what you want since pain is your body’s way of telling you to stop.
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Cake’s Natural Cleansing Sexual Wipes
Excellent for on-the-go bottoms, these individually wrapped wipes make cleaning your most intimate areas quick and easy. While using wet wipes excessively is not a great idea (it can irritate the area and mess with its natural microbiome), the occasional one-off use is fine, especially sex is spontaneus and you’re insecure about hygiene. These particular wipes are pH-balanced, all-natural and great for use before and/or after sex. They’re also great for cleaning sex toys. Just toss one in your wallet and stay ready.
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Lube Injector
A lubed finger can only reach so far, so if you’re playing with a larger penis or toy, you’re going to want lube in the deepest depths of your b-hole to decrease friction, minimize injury and maximize pleasure. That’s where a lube injector comes in. Just fill the tube with lube, insert the tip and gently push the injector to coat the entire anal canal. An added benefit: no lube stains on your sheets!
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Babeland’s Pinwheel
Great for foreplay and popular among the BDSM crowd, the pinwheel (also known as the Wartenberg Wheel) is great for sensation play, courtesy of its 22-point stainless steel wheel, and can be used anywhere on the body. The intensity of sensation is up to you and the speed and pressure you use with the device. Interestingly enough, the fun little sex toy was originally developed by neurologists to test dermal nerve response. See, science is sexy!
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Lovehoney’s Penis Extender Sleeve
If you or your partner are looking to “add” to your sexual experience, slip a penis extender sleeve over the shaft to instantly add length, girth and texture to your member. While a penis extender sleeve is obviously beneficial for a bottom seeking fullness, it is also a great option for tops who want to last longer. Just make sure you apply lube before slipping on the sleeve to prevent friction.
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