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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Out Adventures Announce Full 202

The LGBTQ tour operator has announced tours to Mongolia, Patagonia, Northern Italy, New Zealand, Croatia, Egypt, Australia and more…

On a scale of one to ‘I’ve already booked my flight’, how badly do you want to belly flop into the Mediterranean? Traverse the sand-sational Gobi Desert? Or shake your chimichangas at a club in Mexico City? In other words, like us, are you also itching to ‘get off the beaten path’ and start travelling again?

Don’t get us wrong—staying home today is of the utmost importance. But nevertheless, we at IN Magazine can’t shake the travel bug.

Perhaps that’s why we were so excited to see Out Adventures launch their entire 2021 & 2022 gay and lesbian tour calendars last week. While the Toronto-based LGBT tour company emphasizes taking great precaution and staying put now, they also believe travellers want to keep dreaming of their next vacation. Even during lockdown.

“LGBT travellers want new adventures and travel experiences to dream about. They’re booking further into the future than they ever have before.” says Robert Sharp, owner and cofounder of Out Adventures. “And while we know travellers are cautious about travelling today, our team believes they should have the opportunity to plan exciting new adventures for tomorrow and beyond.”

Skimming the calendars, we were particularly excited to see some truly farflung and unexpected locales make their list. For example, they’re hosting a tour in Montenegro & Albania.

For those who prefer the finer things, their calendars list relaxed cultural tours in Northern Italy and Croatia. There’s also an Australian tour that includes activities like a Tasmanian bush trek, a Bondi Beach surf lesson, and even a Mardi Gras Sydney Harbour Cruise.

It’s worth mentioning the company’s lesbian calendar has grown substantially since we last checked. They now host a tours in Iceland, and even an ambitious tomer deposits are held in trust until the date of departure. They have also updated their health & safety guidelines to mirror the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centre for Disease Prevention & Control’s (CDC) recommendations for the travel industry.

Ultimately, when and where you feel comfortable travelling again is entirely personal. But nevertheless, it is great to see the LGBT travel industry prepared to take flight when the world is ready again.

For more information or to check out Out Adventures full schedule of 2021-2022 LGBTQ tour options check out

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