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Perfect Fit: A Butt Toy Buying Guide

If you can’t love your bum, how is it going to love somebody else?…

By Bobby Box

Public health officials have acknowledged that, pandemic or not, people need sex. They ask only that when we engage in sexual activity, we reduce risk by limiting partners, wearing masks and using glory holes. Despite these leniencies, many still aren’t willing to take the risk. As such, sex toy sales have skyrocketed. Outlets like Forbes and the Toronto Sun have reported that companies have as much as doubled their sex toy sales since the pandemic started.

I myself have used this time to better my bottoming skills using the arsenal of anal sex toys I’ve been given as a sex writer. In fact, I’ve recently written about this experience in graphic detail.

Since such valuable intel shouldn’t go to waste, I’ve put together a helpful guide to all the different types of anal sex toys, as well as the sensations they provide and which products will make your booty hole a happy hole. 

Before you purchase, consider the following:

Purchase your sex toys from a reputable source

Sex toys are not regulated in Canada and the US, meaning companies can produce toys made with potentially toxic materials. Some big box sites, like Amazon, sell knock-offs of popular sex toys made with these harmful chemicals. Don’t skimp; purchase your product from a credible retailer. 

Beware of porous toys

While porous materials aren’t necessarily toxic themselves, they contain tiny pockets that trap dirt and bacteria, meaning they can’t be fully sterilized. If you use a porous toy with a sexual partner, slip a condom over top to avoid spreading potential infection or a pre-existing STI. Some more common porous materials include jelly rubber, PVC, cyberskin, TPR/TPE and elastomer.

Avoid toxic materials

Phthalates, harmful chemical agents that make plastic more transparent and flexible, can still be found in sex toys. People tend to experience allergic and chemical reactions when they come in contact with phthalates, which have also been linked to cancer. Other toxic materials to avoid: timethytin chloride, phenol, carbon disulphide, toluene and cadmium.

Lube TF up

Use a whole lot of lube – you can’t have too much of it, especially when it comes to butt stuff. Lube the toy and your hole. Lube the inside of your hole using a finger if you have to. Your bum doesn’t self-lubricate and the skin is extremely sensitive, so a quality lubricant is essential and, despite what you’ve seen in porn, spit won’t cut it. If your toy is made of silicone, opt for a water-based or hybrid lube since silicone lubricant deteriorates silicone materials (due to the way silicone molecules react with other silicone products). 

Make sure the toy has a flared base

Your bum is like a vacuum and if you use a toy without a flared base, it can get sucked inside your body…meaning a hospital visit to have it removed. Remember the saying, “Without a base, without a trace!”

Keep it clean

You’ve had your fun; now it’s time to clean up. Fortunately, doing so is simple. You can wash your sex toy using hot water and soap. For a deeper clean, you can sterilize non-porous/non-vibrating toys by boiling them, placing them in the top rack of a dishwasher, and running the sterilize cycle. Instead of soap, use a solution made of one part bleach to 10 parts water. You should make sure you sterilize your toys from time to time, though it’s not necessary after every use.

The benefits of butt stuff

If you have any reservations about using anal sex toys, that’s totally fine. We aren’t taught about stimulating our bums like we are about our other anatomy, but research has shown that stimulating your prostate helps to rid the body of prostatic fluid, which can build in the glands and enlarge the prostate. Prostate stimulation also helps the gland function better and encourages blood flow to the area, making it a great way to fight impotence. For individuals with vulvas, anal toys can also stimulate the G-spot through the rectum.

Our bums are a universal part of the anatomy that, when stimulated, can produce some of the most intense orgasms. Hopefully, with the information provided above, you can feel confident exploring the back door using the toy that best suits you. 


Butt plugs
Butt plugs are cute cone-shaped toys with flared bases. They’re generally favoured by those who enjoy the feeling of fullness in their rectum – this fullness can also be useful for anal stretching and Kegel exercises. Butt plugs are inserted (slowly, and with lots of lube) and that’s it, you just keep it there. While they can be used for penetration, they are not designed for this as other anal toys are. Many people wear them while doing chores, running errands, or before a hookup (to open up); some will even wear them to work.
IN recommends: We-Vibe Ditto, Njoy Pure Plug. 

Anal beads
Unlike butt plugs, anal beads provide pleasure through movement. In terms of their appearance, remember Wilma Flintstone’s necklace? It’s basically that, but they go in your ass. When playing, insert the toy one ball at a time, as many or as little as you like (some have graduated sizes); then, when you’re ready, pull them out and enjoy – you’ll experience wave after wave of pleasure as each bead brushes along your internal and external sphincters. It’s important to always buy anal beads with a ring or base at the end, because we don’t want them getting lost in there. 
IN recommends: Fun Factory’s Flexi Felix, Titus Anal Beads.

Prostate massagers
A prostate massager looks a lot like a vibrator (which you can also use for anal stimulation), except it boasts a curve designed to stimulate the prostate (aka the “P-Spot”). The prostate, for those unfamiliar, is a walnut-size organ located roughly two to three inches inside the rectum towards the belly button, and is chock full of nerve endings. When stimulated, prostate orgasms can be up to 33 per cent stronger than if you just fondled your shaft. To use, insert the toy at an angle, with the curve pointed upward, then carefully push deeper until you meet resistance. When comfortable, turn the toy on, play with the vibration patterns and intensities, and let it do its thing. Keep the toy in while your hands explore elsewhere, or push it in and out – it’s your call.
 IN recommends: LOKI Wave, LELO Billy.

Anal training kits
Anal training kits are a series of toys (usually four butt plugs) that are great for beginners. Generally speaking, it’s recommended you stick with a toy for a few days to a week, and when comfortable, move to the next size up. A great way to test if you’re ready is to insert a finger alongside the toy you’re currently using. If it fits without any discomfort, that’s your green light to upgrade; if it’s painful, stick with the smaller size for a few more days.
 IN recommends: Dosha 3-Piece Glass Anal Plug Kit, Master Series 5 Piece Anal Trainer Set.

BOBBY BOX is a writer and certified sex educator who has been published in, among others, Greatist, Playboy, The Advocate, NewNowNext, Them. and Askmen. He is Grindr’s sex columnist, and is very active on Instagram and Twitter. Follow him at @bybobbybox.

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    Jock-Boys-R-Us / 20 November 2021

    “For individuals with vulvas.” AKA women, lol. This write-up is about gays, so not sure why a woman would use gay sex toys for her cooch.


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