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How To Take Better Care Of Your Bum

From butt scrubs to ‘face’ masks to CBD suppositories, butt-care is a huge market right now…

By Bobby Box

It’s impossible to deny the impact of the buttox on pop culture in the last decade. More recently, it appears we’ve acknowledged that men also have asses and that these fuzzy peaches deserve love as well. While this is certainly nothing new for queer men, the sudden appeal to the heterosexual male could mean that we’re beginning to shed the stigma of anal admiration and sex being inherently feminine, or––dare I say––gay.

“Honestly, I think straight men have always been into butt stuff, but are finally being more honest about their true wants and desires in the bedroom,” Dr. Evan Goldstein, CEO of Bespoke Surgical, a first of its kind health practice specializing in gay men’s sexual health and wellness, tells IN.

Naturally, this affection has made us more curious about what we can do to care for the area, which has become a proportionate part a quickly growing market known as “inclusive wellness” (aka: wellness for every aspect of self), likely a result of the broader growth of the market for skin care, which was worth $5.6 billion in 2018.

“Basic hygiene principles are imperative to the butt’s every day functions, regardless of whether or not you use it sexually,” Goldstein says. “Unfortunately, no one teaches us the right way to take a shit, let alone clean the area and make sure everything is hygienically sound. When you have bacteria in the region and/or moisture from life’s everyday activities, you have to understand what maintenance this region requires. It’s paramount.”

If you want to give it the treatment it requires, look no further than the product recommendations below.

Future Method’s Butt & Body Scrub
While safe for the entire body, what’s unique about Future Method’s scrub is that it’s crafted for bums as well. “Our new Future Method Butt + Body Scrub was intended for daily use, as well as after butt play, to make sure we not only rid the leftovers we don’t want sticking around, but also polish, shine, and nourish the area so that we’re ready for whatever comes next,” Goldstein, the man behind Future Method, says. For external use only, Future Method’s Butt & Body Scrub is infused with a refreshing and invigorating hit of citrus, clove, and cedar—for your pleasure and theirs.

Future Method’s Disposal Intimate Wash & Bulb
Over-douching is bad for your body. Realistically, you shouldn’t be douching more than two to three times a week. With Future Method’s Disposable Intimate Wash & Bulb, you can douche as often as you want, courtesy of its doctor-developed, pH-balanced isotonic solution that is compatible with your body’s natural chemistry. The solution moisturizes and calms the area as it cleanses courtesy of its liquorice root extract. With this solution, you can douche as often as you want without harming your body. The wash can be purchased in packs of three, 12, or can be subscribed to monthly.

Studio Ready Hot Lava Masque
Have you ever treated your bum to a facial? Studio Ready is a queer-owned brand that offers a plethora of wellness products for your bum, but their Hot Lava Masque is definitely their most unique. Crafted using a myriad of superfood antioxidants like lemon, juniper berries, cloves and cayenne, the solution helps rid your cheeks of acne, corrects uneven skin tone, and hydrates skin. The masque is fun to apply (with or without a partner), dries in 15 minutes, and washes off with warm water.

BAWDY Beauty BITE IT Hydrating + Toning Butt Mask
You know those hydrating facial masks that make you look like a chic Hannibal Lecter? Well, they’ve got those for you bum as well. Each package contains two separate sheets, one for each buttock, and the masks come in four cheeky varieties: “Bite It” (Hydrating + Toning), “Squeeze It” (Brightening + Rejuvenating), “Slap It” (Retexturizing + Detoxifying) and “Shake It” (Firming + Illuminating). Their original Bite It mask is their most popular, and is infused with plant-based collagen to perfectly tone, hydrate, leaving your skin plump, dewy, and smooth.

Other Ways To Care For Your Bum
After showering, make sure that your bum is completely dry (Goldstein recommends investing in a dextrous blow dryer for the area if it’s extra hairy), and in summer months, be extra cautious. “Wear loose fitting clothes and if you can, or just go naked around the house,” he says, adding that, when cleaning the area, to never ever use wet wipes. “They are terrible for your body,” he continues. “If only you could see some of the cases that have come into my office, all becauseof using wet wipes.”

Instead, invest in a bidet. They are a great substitute and there are many affordable options these days and accomplish the same cleanliness without these harmful side effects. TUSHY is a highly rated and affordable option.

“Lotions with Vitamin E can be applied to the area, but since there is so much moisture already in the region, I usually let the body produce its own,” Goldstein says. Vitamin E oil is regularly recommended for anal sex aftercare, for both its healing properties and for those looking to keep their b-holes looking cute.

Though your bum is already cute as hell, you might want to give it some regular maintenance, especially if you’re somebody who likes to send the occasional nude, or receive compliments while being penetrated. Whatever your reason, caring for your bum should be regarded no different from caring for your face. You’ve got creams, scrubs and serums. If you have the means to do so, do the same for your butt and get fucked with confidence.

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