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Canada’s Drag Race Season 1 Episode 9 Recap: The Snow Ball

The queens bring it to the runway in the first ball in Canada’s Drag Race herstory…

Well, we’ve made it to the semi-finals. The competition is fiercer than ever before, and we are closer to finding out who the first Canadian drag superstar is. Last week we said goodbye to Lemon, just one week after she won a main challenge, proving that the queens need to be bringing it every week. There is no immunity, and it is still very much anybody’s game. There are four talented, and diverse queens left. Who will make it to the finale, and who will be the newest queen to sashay away? Most importantly, who will impress this week’s guest judge Michelle Visage the most?

We start this week’s episode in the werk room following Lemon’s elimination. The top four enter the werk room and read Lemon’s farewell message on the mirror. Rita wipes the message off, and the queens retreat to the couches. Bobo asks Rita what it was like to be in the bottom, Rita responds sassily that Bobo wouldn’t know what it’s like to win. The queens congratulate Priyanka on her win, and comeback. This is the top four baby! Anything can happen. It’s a new day in the werk room and the top four are feeling fierce and ready to fight. It’s setting in that one of these queens will win. Jimbo is pretty sure it’s her, I’m not so sure. Ru interrupts with a video message, and Stacey enters the werk room and tells the queens that if they want to go the distance, they are going to have to pull out all the stops. The queens will be doing a screen test for their mini challenge. Here to help judge is comedienne Sabrina Jalees (side note: who remembers VIDEO ON TRIAL?).

The queens have to perform a funny, and powerful rendition of our national anthem. After getting into quick drag the queens get in front of a green screen. The queens in character have to not only perform O Canada, but they have to take direction from Sabrina, and it changes on a Canadian dime. After a truly painful mini challenge for my ears, Sabrina and Stacey announce the winner is Rita Baga! Her first mini challenge win of the season! Following the mini challenge, Stacey announces that this week’s main event is none other than a BALL DARLING, and we’re all invited. The queens really have to bring all they’ve got to the Snow Ball, as well as three different looks. The queens will have to serve executive holiday party realness, après ski walk of shame, and a snow queen look made entirely from scratch.

The queens get to work on their looks, and it’s fierce competition. All of these queens serve something different when it comes to their aesthetics, so this runway will be an interesting, and dynamic one to watch. Priyanka begins by gluing plastic to a corset, and Scarlett is just so so so excited to be here. Jimbo helps Scarlett to make a cape since she doesn’t know how to sew. Stacey comes back to the werk room to check on the queens. Rita says she’s humble, but not surprised to be in the final four. She’s chosen to go in a punk direction for her snow queen look. It will be slightly different for her; can she pull it off? Priyanka is honoured to be part of the ball and tells Stacey that she was shook when she bombed both improv challenges with her background in improv. But she’s doing everything she can to make it to the final three. Scarlett Bobo says things didn’t go how she thought they would before she started the competition and she’s pushing the envelope with her Snow Queen look. She tells Stacey a bit about the work that she does in the community, and what more she would do if she wins the crown. Jimbo tells Stacey about a gown that will hug the judge’s minds. Jimbo’s clown background is unique in the competition, but will it be enough to get to the final? Stacey tells the queens Michelle Visage is this week’s guest host, and I’m thinking Priyanka should probably do something more than a corset and a panty… but we’ll see.

It’s elimination day, and the queens gather around the table, throw some shade, and put last touches on their looks. While getting painted, the queens discuss their support systems at home. Each of the queens share heartwarming stories about their parents. Rita reveals she’s walked in a winter ball before and won (no pressure). The queens give us a crash course on ballroom culture. This comes at an extremely important time. Drag fans need to know why ballroom existed in the first place, and how influenced, and continues to influence the way drag queens, (and thanks to Drag Race) everybody else uses lingo daily that originated in ballroom culture.

Out on the runway, queen bee Michelle Visage swoops in like the Drag Race Super Nanny she is, and introduces the judges, and the ball begins. Category one is Executive Holiday Party Realness. Each of the queens are serving very different looks. The second category, Icy walk of shame, and the looks range from Blue Mountain Barbie, to pure comedy. The final category Ice Queen Eleganza, and the queens are serving their best icy elegance! The judge’s critiques start with Jimbo. The judges liked the first two looks, but the ice queen look wasn’t the cherry on top. Next, the judges liked Rita’s characters, but her first look wasn’t it, but her final look was stunning, but she couldn’t walk in it. Priyanka stunned with her Christmas Tree suit, and her character in the second category, but her ice queen eleganza was a body suit…covered with stuff (Michelle’s pet peeve, and we saw this coming). Finally, the judges loved how Scarlett brought her personality into all of the looks, and she served the only Snow Queen look all of the judges unanimously liked. Yes Scarlett! Before the judges deliberate, the judges ask the queens to give advice to their younger selves. This segments always pulls at your heartstrings.

Backstage, the queens talk about their younger selves, and how iconic it was to be critiqued by Michelle Visage. Following the judge’s deliberations, they announce that the winner of this week’s challenge, and the first moving onto the final is Scarlett Bobo! Not a bad time to hit your peak! Also, safe, and moving onto the finale is Priyanka. Meaning Rita and Jimbo are the bottom two, and lip syncing to make it to the final.

The bottom two lip sync to Tegan and Sara’s “Closer.” Rita pulls scissors out and cuts her dress mid song, and Jimbo is holding onto her crown for dear life. Following the last elimination lip sync of the season, the judges announce that Rita Baga is staying in the competition and moving onto the finale! Jimbo is going home, and what a wild ride it’s been. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

What we’ll see next week: It’s the finale! The queens are recording a remix to a Ru song, learn some choreography, the eliminated queens return, and someone will be crowned as the new Queen of the North! Who do you think will win the crown?

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