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Canada’s Drag Race Season 1 Exit Interview: Kiara

Here’s what Kiara had to say following her elimination from the fifth episode of Canada’s Drag Race
During Thursday night’s episode of Canada’s Drag Race, Kiara and Priyanka had to lip-sync for their lives to Celine Dion’s “I Drove All Night,” and Kiara – knowing full well that her “Snatch Game” take on Mariah Carey had fallen flat – was told to sashay away.
Here’s what Kiara had to say about her experience on the show:
Looking back now, what’s your general feeling on how things went?
Kiara: “I feel really good about my experience on the show, because in every episode I think I had a moment that people will remember. I think I could have gone further if I had found a way to do better in the ‘Snatch Game.’ I’m laughing now, because I feel like it was so ridiculous. I love Mariah Carey so much, and it just didn’t happen.”
French is your first language, and I think people forget sometimes how hard it is to be quick and funny in your second language. It’s brave to even try.
Kiara: “Thanks, people do forget that sometimes, but Rita Baga is French as well, and she did a great job with Édith Piaf. So maybe I could have made a different choice. I think I can be funny in English, but improv is difficult.”
So if you hadn’t gone with Mariah Carey, who would you have picked?
Kiara: “Some people said I could have been Naomi Campbell. But also, what came to mind – and I’ve been thinking about it a lot since the show – I should have been Stacey McKenzie.”
Wow, that would have been something!
Kiara: “I think it would have been funny. It was a missed opportunity.”
With you and Priyanka, that had to be of the most physical lip-sync showdowns ever. Were you exhausted at the end of it?
Kiara: “Yes and no, because that’s what I do. I included all the tricks that I can do, and even more. So I kind of stuck to my plan, but even while it was happening, I noticed that maybe the judges were pointing at Priyanka just a little bit more.”
The COVID-19 pandemic obviously has curtailed a lot of the entertainment business, but what are you hoping is next for you?
Kiara: “I really want to get on tour, and travel, and do shows, and perform, and meet some fans, and everyone who supports me around the world. I’m really focusing on the show right now, and the content of the show, so I can use it later when there’s an opportunity. So I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to do when things get back to normal, but I love video as well, I’ve studied film production, so a lot of doors are opening up.”
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Canada’s Drag Race airs on Thursday nights only on Crave.

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