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Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: The Snatch Game

The library is open, and it’s finally time for Snatch Game!…

It’s Snatch Game week! I think we’ve all been looking forward to this episode since our judges said it could be one of the best Snatch Games in the show’s herstory. First, I think we should address that Twitter has been set on fire with comments about the show’s judging style. Following last week’s runway critiques, a lot of people voiced concern that the judging of last week’s episode, specifically Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman’s comments about Jimbo’s makeup was a little harsh. I will agree that the judging of our Canadian queens has been a little harsher than what we’re used to. And like you, I am also curious to see if this dynamic will soften as the season goes on. But we’ve got a Snatch Game to watch, so let’s get into it!

As always, our episode starts in the werk room with the remaining queens reading Tynomi’s goodbye message. While some queens are basking in the reality that another Toronto queen has gone home, Ilona fights through tears to say how grateful she is to still be in the competition after lip syncing for her life last week. The queens talk about how sad it is watching their sisters leave one-by-one, but this is a competition, and somebody has to win.

It’s a new day in the werk room and the queens are starting to get annoyed with each other. Priyanka tells Ilona that her meltdown on the main stage before the lip sync was disrespectful to the all of the other queens. Ilona tells Priyanka that saying her feelings were wrong is disrespectful. Tensions are still very high, and Ru’s video message cuts through it like a knife. After seamlessly pulling of four Celine Dion puns, Brooke Lynn enters the werk room in a pair of sunglasses. This can only mean one thing. The library is OPEN because reading is what? FUNDIMENTAL! The queens get into it, and is it just me or is this one of the best reading challenges one of the best that we’ve seen on the show’s history? The winner of the reading challenge is Lemon. Brooke Lynn announces that this week’s maxi challenge is Snatch Game! This is a make or break challenge in the competition, and it’s Canada’s first, and I am expecting this to be top notch. Jeffrey enters the werk room to do a walk around and this is the most nerve wracking one of the whole season. If you can’t make the judges laugh getting ready, how are you going to be able to do it on stage? From the walk-around we find out that this group of queens are playing some pretty iconic characters.

It’s time to start the Snatch Game. The Canadian version starts with a red carpet which is a fun, albeit unnecessary new element. Playing the Snatch Game is Scottish interior decorators Colin and Justin. Let’s meet our celebrities! We have BOA as Gypsy Rose Blanchard, Jimbo as Joan Rivers, Lemon as Jojo Siwa, Priyanka as Miss Cleo, Rita Baga as Edith Piaf, Scarlett Bobo as Liza Minelli, Kiara as Mariah Carey, and finally Ilona Verley as the cock destroyer herself, British porn star Rebecca Moore. The game begins, and while Lemon, Jimbo, Rita and Scarlett are soaring, Priyanka and Kiara are struggling to get into character, and get a couple of laughs.

Following Snatch Game the queens are back in the werk room preparing for the runway, and the category is Night of a Thousand Celines!

Out on the runway, this week’s guest host actress Mary Walsh introduces our judges, and we’re off. We got reveals, and no repeated looks! Based on the Snatch Game, and runway, Ilona and Scarlett are both safe for the week. The rest represent the tops and bottoms of the week. The judges start their critiques with BOA. The judges thought she could have gone further, and her look hid too much of her body. BOA agreed that she should have went further on the Snatch Game. While the judges and Kiara all agreed her Mariah wasn’t it, her runway was. The judges loved her Edith Piaf, and her runway. It was obvious Jimbo had the best time playing Snatch Game. The judges loved his energy, and the runway was immaculate to say the least. Also making a big splash with their Snatch Game performance was Lemon. She was JoJo Siwa from beginningto end. But on the runway, the judges did not love her simple Titanic era gown. Priyanka was praised for her stunning double runway look, but her Snatch Game was one of the worst in the room. Was her runway enough to save her?

Back in the werk room Scarlett and Bobo are… asleep. The queens discuss who they think might be in the bottom while the judges discuss who is actually in the bottom. The judges announce that Jimbo is the winner of the Snatch Game challenge, and it is so well deserved. An amazing performance, and a gorgeous look on the runway. Rita, Lemon and BOA are safe, meaning Kiara and Priyanka are up for elimination and lip syncing for their lives.

The bottom queens lip sync to Celine’s I Drove all Night, and both of these queens want to stay in the competition because this is the most explosive and passionate lip sync we’ve seen so far this season. The judges save Priyanka and send Kiara home. Honestly, I’m gagged this wasn’t a double save, especially after we saw almost this exact scenario go down with Brooke on her season. We’ll miss you Kiara.

Front runners of the week: Jimbo has fully been redeemed from last week’s maxi challenge, and Rita Baga is continuing to come for all of our gigs.

Canadian-ism of the week: In the grand tradition of Paris (Ontario) is burning, le bibliothèque is open!

What we’ll see next week: The queens over-act in late night law firm commercials and tell the judges who they think should go home.

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