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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 13 Recap: Reunited Alone Together

I’ve got an order for a season 12 reunion, hold the beef…

It’s finally reunion time. While any fan of reality television will tell you that reunion episodes usually mean spilling exceptional tea while all sitting in the same room is simply divine to watch, this season it looks a little different. It seems that not even our favourite queens of season 12 haven’t also been affected by the global quarantine. This reunion was shot remotely from each of the queens homes, and as much fun as it’s been recapping this season for you all, I have a hard time keeping up with conversations on Zoom calls I’m included in, so I have broken down the must-see moments from the season 12 reunion special for you.

Quick Season 12 Recap
This season has been a good one. It was filled with so many wonderful, and talented queens that we got to watch grow so much through the competition. Notably absent from the opening musical segment and season 12 montage was Sherry Pie. As we finished last week’s episode, she was included in the top four, and as we learned tonight, the competition will go ahead with a top three following her disqualification from the crown. Ru announced that all the queens are staying safe and healthy, and with that let the show begin.

Tea: Heidi and Gigi
Gigi apologized for her comment on Heidi’s makeup early in the season. Heidi accepts the apology wholeheartedly. I don’t think there is a lot of true beef this season. And we have to say, Heidi looks STUNNING this evening. Much to Ru’s disapproval, Heidi decides to keep her name as Heidi N Closet. Ru hates it, but Heidi is going with her gut. The closet is staying. OFFICIALLY.

Jackie is the Susan Lucci of Season 12
Jackie was in the top so many times, but never won a main challenge! According to the other queens Jackie was a bit of a bossy bitch. That came as a little of a surprise to me unless I am forgetting something. Real Housewife Lisa Rinna makes a special appearance to thank Jackie for her wonderful portrayal of her during this season’s Snatch Game. Although she never won a single main challenge, Ru declares she is a winner baby!

Tea: Aiden Zhane vs Brita
This was for sure one of the biggest “feuds” of the season, and it went on passive-aggressively for WEEKS. It seems that everybody is still mad about Aiden’s nap, and honestly, I get it. There is still tension between both of these queens. Brita says it was due to the expectations she put on herself and lashing out when those expectations weren’t met. Upon watching the season back, Brita says she didn’t like the person she was on the show. Widow continues to call Brita out about how she said she was upset when Aiden left after picking on her all season. Aiden and Brita totally get where each other is coming from though, and there are no hard feelings anymore.

Tea: Jan loses Madonna
We weren’t the only ones gagged by Jan not winning the Madonna Rusical challenge. In the episode Jan swore it was because of Brita being sent home. Jan confirmed it was in fact due to repeatedly being safe, and not winning the challenge she felt she was going to win. Not to fear though, there is always a profit to be made off of a failure, or at the very least a meme, and Jan is seizing her moment. The Jan segment finishes with her infamous Kris Jenner audition video, which for sure should have been included in the main show. Jan, we still love you.

Reading is what? Fundamental. Or is it?
After the queens played a game of Toot or Boot with some of this season’s best and most questionable looks, it got me thinking… We didn’t get a reading mini challenge this season. The queens brought the reads were good. Some were too good. Others crossed the line. I have to say I kind of liked having this included in the reunion, there was more from the season for the queens to use in their reads, and got us in on most of the reads. So what I’m trying to say is, I forgive you Ru.

Last Call
There wasn’t an ounce of juice to squeeze out of any of the beef this season, so the queens made up some drama for a fun little segment. Following the queens fake fighting with each other, fan favourite Vanjie asks the queens a few questions, including to sum up their Drag Race experiences in one word. Gigi sums it up perfectly with simply saying El DeBarge. Ru then brings up the popular conspiracy theory that Crystal and Gigi have been in a relationship this whole time. The two of them give a cheeky non-answer that will fuel the conspiracy for at least another week on Twitter alone. Ru then reads a touching letter from Jackie’s mom about how proud she was of Jackie’s participation on the show. Throughout the season Jackie spoke about her relationship with her mom, and how she hid drag from her, so this was a nice way to end Jackie’s narrative this season.

To finish the show, Ru checks in with the top three queens about what the season has meant to them all. They all give the same answer that goes along the lines of “every queen this season is so talented, and I am so lucky to be in the same cast as them.” In one last attempt to squeeze even an ounce of tea out of these queens, Ru asks each of the eliminated queens who they’re hoping to win. Unsurprisingly, it fails. They all say nice things about each other, and with that we have made it to the end of the season 12 reunion.

What we’ll see next week: For the first time in the show’s herstory the top three will be fighting for the crown in a total of five lip syncs from home! It’s still anybody’s game, so who do you think will win it all?

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