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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 9 Recap: Choices 2020

The queens get political, and Make America Gay Again…

It has been a full week since we said an early goodbye to one of this season’s favourite queens, and I have to be honest. I am still not feeling that whole Jantasy. This season has taken a lot of turns with eliminating queens who we all thought would stick around until at least the semi-finals earlier than we expected, and we’re also seeing a lot of underdogs rise to the occasion. It’s been particularly hard watching Sherry Pie excel during challenges, and the interesting editing choices that are being made to work around her disqualification. This week it’s all about choices girl, and we’ve all made a few of them. Let’s get into it.

This week’s episode kicks off in the werk room following Jan’s departure. After reading Jan’s lipstick message on the mirror, the queens gather over on the couches and congratulate miss Heidi on winning her first challenge, and it was well deserved. Gigi explains that she’s feeling down about not winning another challenge, and while some queens thing she’s being cocky, Jaida reminds her that winning isn’t going to come without working for it each challenge. The next day the top seven queens gather in the werk room and Sherry throws some shade at Widow, however it gets cut short because Ru enters the werk room to introduce the mini challenge of the week. Kitty Girl 2020 is in full swing, and while our season 12 queens are in full cat quick drag, this is unfortunately is not the strangest, and most confusing cat content we’ve gotten in 2020 (Cats and Tiger King, I’m looking at you). After the queens play in some litter, Ru announces that the winner of this week’s mini challenge is Jackie Cox.

This week’s maxi challenge is a debate, because it is time for America’s next drag president. Each queen will have to create a platform, and answer questions from the press. This is the first time that we’ve seen a challenge like this since season four, and I’m here for it. It’s like Snatch Game but on another level, and this will be a chance for some queens to redeem themselves from that challenge. During her werk room walk around, Ru drags fan favourite Raven around to help the queens with their platforms. Some of the queens are prepared to present their platforms, others have no idea where they’re going to go with their arguments. Before leaving the werk room Ru announces that Rachel Bloom, and Jeff Goldblum would be the moderating the debate, with that it’s time to get political.

While the queens get ready for the big debate some of the girls are worried about bringing the funny after their shortcomings in Snatch Game. Crystal reveals her parents are Tr*mp supporters, some of the other queens share their personal relationship with politics, and how the current political environment has impacted their lives. Out on the mainstage it’s debate time. The opening statements are strong, and this debate is going to be fierce. Most of the queens were really funny in the moment, while others did struggle. Widow seemed to go for the angry politician and didn’t seem to make many jokes with her statements, Sherry went with her “old lady” character she’s been doing every week since Gay’s Anatomy. Heidi, and Jaida really stepped it up during the debate. They were both funny, stuck to their agenda, and had great rapport with the other candidates, and the moderators. In my opinion, it’s more informative, entertaining, and less confusing than real presidential debates, and I’m here for it.

Out on the runway the category is Stars and Stripes forever, and our patriotic queens are serving up fourth of July realness. It’s time for the judges to critiques. They tell Sherry that although she did a good job in the debate, she did give us the same character. Crystal was praised for being herself in the debate, her runway look wasn’t quite it. Heidi’s debate character, and runway look was adored by all of the judges. Could this be her second win in a row? Widow is up next and although the judges love her runway look, her performance in the debate wasn’t fully where it needed to be. She gets into a bit of an argument with the judges after letting her saboteur get the better of her once again. Jackie Cox could have done a little more in the debate, and the judges thought she took her Canadian citizenship too far, but hey, we’ll take the shout out regardless. The interesting conversation happened when Jeff Goldblum inquired about her choice in garment for the runway. And while Ru did spend a lot of this episode telling the queens to not be so serious, this conversation did reel us back into the fact that drag queens can be political and bring important issues to the foreground.

Gigi Goode’s George Washington cosplay took the judge’s by storm, but her debate points could have been stronger. Last but not least, Jaida was told she had the best off-the-cuff comments of the competition, her runway look also wowed the judges. We’re starting to get down to the best of the best, so picking the bottoms is going to be hard this week.

After the judge’s deliberations, and Michelle’s commentary via satellite, Ru announces, Jaida Essence Hall is the winner of this week’s challenge. Sherry Pie, Heidi, Crystal, and Gigi are safe for the week. This leaves Widow, and Jackie up for elimination. They have to lip sync for their lives to Katy Perry’s Firework. Both queens desperately want a place in the competition, so the lip sync is fierce. After their passionate lip sync, Jackie Cox is saved, and Widow von Du is sent home. She won’t be forgotten, and she will always have a place in the hearts of every queen whose thighs rub together. We love you girl!

Frontrunner of the week: Jaida has really stepped up from the middle of the pack, and distinguished herself as a threat in this competition. 
Most confusing running cameo: The broccoli. You know exactly what I’m talking about.
Palate cleanse of the week: Jeff Goldblum was a total refreshment from the confusion of Chaka Khan last week.
What we’ll see next week:The queens makeover Drag Race superfans in the drag family challenge!
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