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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 8 Recap: Droop

I am NOT feeling the Jantasy…

I don’t know about you, but I am still reeling off of the pure serotonin that last week’s Madonna episode brought us. I have been listening to Madonna non-stop over the past week, and I do think that might have been the peak performance episode of the season. The preview for this episode promised that this week the queens would be inventing and trying to sell original products via an infomercial. I just can’t wait to see Jan’s downward spiral into further disappointment from not winning last week’s maxi challenge. Let’s get into it!

As always, this week’s episode starts off in the werk room following Brita’s elimination. Heidi is feeling a little shaken up after her lip sync. But nobody is more upset then Jan, who is uncontrollably sobbing over Brita’s departure. Over on the couches the queens congratulate Gigi on her win, and bring up how surprising it was that Jan didn’t win. Jan expresses that she’s crushed from not winning the singing and dancing challenge, and how upset she is about Brita’s departure and starts crying again. Though the rest of the queens think her tears may actually be from her failure to break through to the top of the group even after last week’s challenge.

The next morning in the werk room Jan has stopped crying, and all of the queens are ready for the next challenge. For the week’s mini challenge, the queens pair up, and split up Fab Fit Fun products to curate subscription boxes for the other girls. First up, Crystal and Jaida kiki with Jackie and Gigi, and aside from feeling like extremely obvious product placements… this was the best improv all of the queens have done this season. Next up Widow and Sherry went up against Jan and Heidi. The winners of the mini challenge are Jackie and Gigi. Ru announces this week’s maxi challenge. He tells the queens they are to create useless, and wild product for the made-up lifestyle brand Droop (like Goop), and they will have to sell themselves, and their product with a commercial. We have seen this challenge before with various products, but nothing that has given the queens this much freedom of creativity. During the werk room walk around, Ru is joined by ex-Biggest Loser trainer, and lifestyle brand guru Bob Harper, and we got some first looks at the queen’s products, and there is a wide variety honey.

After the break it’s time to film the commercials. Jackie Cox is up first with her magic carpet merkin commercial. It was off to a slightly rocky start with Bob directing the commercials. Gigi’s didn’t seem to pop, and Jan came off a little strong, and Jaida kept hitting her mic and ruining her audio. While Heidi’s personality could sell the product, she’s only delivering between takes of her commercial, and Widow is struggling with her lines. Crystal scrambles to film all of her shots. The next day in the werk room it’s elimination day, and the category is Black Wedding. While they’re getting ready, Jan continues to insist that she was only upset about Brita leaving last week. Sure Jan… The queens loosen up while doing impressions of each other, and just like that it’s time to take the mainstage.

Ru introduces judges, including this week’s guest, music icon Chaka Khan. The queens absolutely slay with their black wedding looks. They’re ooky, and spooky. After their walks down the aisle, Jackie’s commercial is up first. Both her look and her commercial really sat well with the judges. Next up the judges loved Jan’s look, but thought her commercial was a bit overdone. Jaida Essence Hall really popped on the runway, and the judges really loved how funny her infomercial was. Gigi’s commercial fell a little flat, and was her first misstep this season, although her runway look had the judges gagging, is she starting to get overconfident? Sherry Pie did marginally better, but still didn’t push enough with her aura pie commercial. Heidi’s personality really shined through on her commercial and it was loved by all of the judges. Widow’s commercial was so boring I actually used it as an opportunity to check my emails. Yikes. Last, but certainly not least was the queen of my heart Crystal Methyd, who used Ru’s obsession with her mullet to her advantage. Surprisingly, this was the first episode of the season to not feature a snippet of a DeBarge song. Did the licencing finally run out? Ru then asks the queens the dreaded question of the season; “Who should go home tonight, and why?”  All of the queens thought Widow should be sent home, except for Widow who chose Jan. Untucked should be fun to watch.

After the judge’s deliberations, Ru announces Heidi as the winner of this week’s challenge, which was SO well deserved. Jaida, Crystal, and Jackie are safe with their outstanding performances this week. Gigi’s look on the runway saved her from the bottom, she’s safe too. Unsurprisingly Widow is up for elimination. Joining her in the bottom is Jan, while Sherry Pie just gets by with safety this week. The two bottoms lip sync for their lives to Chaka Khan’s This is my Night. After a passionate performance by both queens Ru saves Widow, and surprisingly it’s Jan that’s going home after her stellar run last week. Was it a bit soon? I think so. #Justice4Jan. Period.

Frontrunner of the week: Heidi really came for Gigi’s crown and did it with nothing but her personality. She is finally getting the respect she deserves. And that’s on being the underdog. Let’s also keep an eye on miss Jaida. I think she’s going to continue to surprise us.
Worst guest judge: Why was Chaka Khan there? Did she know she was there? And why did she not know what a merkin was after watching a full commercial on it?
What we’ll see next week: It’s a presidential debate hosted by Jeff Goldblum.
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