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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 6 Recap: Snatch Game

The queens get ready to “volley” during Snatch Game…

Another week has gone by and we’re back with another episode of our favourite drag competition show is back, and it’s the most anticipated event of the season… SNATCH GAME! This is the make it or break it challenge of the season. It separates the cast into who will most likely be making it to the finale, from the contestants who will most likely be sent home next. I for one am very excited to see who the queens impersonate, and who the rattlesnake sound effect will be used on when a joke doesn’t land.

The episode opens up in the werk room where the queens are gathered following Nicky Doll’s untimely elimination last week. After reading her mirror message, Heidi expresses that she was disappointed she was in the bottom after having a few good weeks. Brita tells the group she doesn’t understand why her scene partner Aiden wasn’t also in the bottom with her. Aiden says she’s done being the nice quiet girl, and she’s ready to fight. It’s a new day in the werk room, and the queens aren’t even prepped with a video message from Ru, she just walks right in and announces that this week is Snatch Game week, and the queens all need to bring their A-game. We are 12 seasons in, and if you don’t come to slay in Snatch Game, you need to pack your bags.

Ru does her werk room-walk around, and it’s the most nerve-wracking walk around of the season. Season 10/11 LEGEND Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is joining her, and it is so nice to see a familiar face. The walk around is usually where a lot of the switch-ups happen, and queens start to doubt their choices. There are some good choices, but I am very nervous for my girl, and fellow One Direction superfan Crystal, who isn’t super confident in her improv, and character skills. On the other side of the werk room, Gigi Goode is super confident in her decision to play a robot. We’ll see who comes out on top at the Snatch game.

Out on the set, the Snatch Game judges, and guest judges of the week are Mean Girls cast members Daniel Franzese, and Jonathan Bennett. I think it’s safe to say all of the questions will most likely be Mean Girls themed. The Snatch Game characters are as follows; Heidi N Closet as SNL comedienne Leslie Jones, Jackie Cox as Lisa Rinna, Jaida Essence Hall as Cardi B, Jan as Bernadette Peters, Widow Von Du as Tina and Ike Turner, Gigi Goode as Maria the Robot, Aiden Zhane as Patricia Quinn, Brita as Jennifer Holliday, Crytal Methyd as Poppy, and Sherry Pie as Katharine Hepburn. After the introductions it’s time to get the game started. For Ru being so worried about Gigi playing a robot, she is really pulling it off with her voice, and her physicality, from the start she’s a top player, as well as Jackie as Lisa Rinna. Aiden, Crystal, and Brita are struggling to land a joke, even when Ru is feeding them content. As always, it’s difficult to watch. It’s pretty clear to see who the front runners of the week will be unless some of the queens really pull it out on the runway.

Elimination day in the werk room has arrived, and the category is Frozen Eleganza. As the queens prepare for the runway, they talk about how difficult Snatch Game, while Jackie says that this was the one challenge the queens had the most time to prepare for. Gigi comes to Crystal’s defence on her Poppy performance, and Aiden admits she had a rough time on Snatch Game. The queens talk about their personal reasons behind their SG choices, and Widow reveals another layer to her past. Gigi spoke about how her mother, and uncle supported her growing up, and how she’s always identified as being fluid with gender. Out on the runway the category is Frozen Eleganza: Inspired by the Broadway musical: inspired by the Disney movie. It is a winter wonderland mama, and the looks are stunningly frigid. Ru declares Heidi, Jaida, Jan, and Widow are all safe this week, making the remaining queens the tops and bottoms of the week.

Jackie Cox is up first and the judges praised her commitment to her character, and how she went for every joke she could. Unsurprisingly, Gigi hit a home run with her critiques. All of the judges adored her robotic performance. Aiden Zhane fully admitted she did a terrible job in Snatch Game, and Brita who had a stunning runway look, did fumble when it came to the challenge. The judges loved Crystal’s runway but had a lot to say about her Poppy performance. Would she have been better off as El DeBarge as Ru suggested? The world will never know. They also had great things to say about Sherry, but not enough for her to win the week. After the judges deliberate, Gigi is declared the winner of the week, with Jackie, Sherry, and Crystal being saved. It’s the showdown we’ve all been waiting for as Aiden and Brita are competing for a spot in the competition. The queens battle it out to “Let it Go,” in the most boring lip sync in the show’s history. When Brita pulled out that spark, I think we all knew it was over for Aiden. Ru asks Aiden to sashay away, and with a rebel yell, she’s going home. See you at the reunion girl!

Front runner of the week: As always, Gigi is a favourite, but I have to say Jackie really stepped forward this week.
Unsung hero of the week: Jan deserves more than the middle of the group. Her Bernadette Peters was great, and she should have at least gotten critiques.
What we’ll see next week: Season 12’s Rusical arrives, and it’s all about Madonna.
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