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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 Episode 5 Recap: Gay’s Anatomy

How many times will we hear DeBarge this season…

Well folks, we’ve made it through another week of self-isolation, and working from home, and though the days are blending together, it’s Friday night, which means a new episode of Drag Race is upon us. Unsurprisingly, once again this week’s episode started with the same message about Sherry Pie’s disqualification from the competition. Are you also thinking it’s going to be before every single episode too? Only time will tell.

This week’s episode starts off in the werk room as always, following Rock M Sakura’s tearful elimination. Brita throws some shade at Aiden over her basic look at the ball. All of the queens celebrate Gigi for her well-deserved win, Nicky Doll says she’s going to push for her personality to shine a little more on the runway. The rest of the queens drag Aiden on the couch for her look and accuse her of using excuses to cover up the fact that she didn’t deliver with her look on the runway. It’s definitely setting up Aiden to be the Jinkx Monsoon underdog of the season. The next day in the werk room the queens gather around the pink table and argue about who is the most trade of the season. Ru interrupts with her weekly video message, and introduces the medically themed challenge of the week, an over acting challenge called Gay’s Anatomy. The cast will all be working together, but we need the help of the pit crew, and some glitter pills to determine who will be in charge of casting. Nicky and Gigi end up getting the coveted pink pills, so it’s up to them to cast the show. The two take the queen’s choices into consideration before making their casting decisions, and eventually all of the roles are given out. Most of the queens are happy, some are disappointed (Aiden and Widow), but once again, this is unsurprising with an acting challenge on this show.

Watching the queens rehearse, I’m really hoping Heidi will pull through with another impressive performance. While most of the queens start to have fun with their roles, Aiden, and Widow are causing some worry among the other queens. Ru drops by for a visit, and everybody seems to be in good spirits, except for Widow of course. Carson is directing the series, and the queens are ready to go. Right at the beginning Jaida has some trouble with her lines. The queens are really delivering. For the most part, this is one of the least cringy acting challenges we’ve had to watch. However, there were some painfully awkward improv moments.

It’s elimination day in the werk room, and the queens are getting ready for the main stage, and also the premiere episode of Gay’s Anatomy. Nicky reveals she’s finding it most difficult with a language barrier. The conversation moves to parents, and Jackie drops the bomb that her mom doesn’t even know that she does drag. Widow also revealed that her mother tragically passed away when she was a teenager. After the heavy conversation at the makeup mirror, it’s time for the main stage where the category is Planet of the Capes, with this week’s guest judge Normani, who IS the superior member of Fifth Harmony, but nobody is ready for that conversation yet. Listen, there is nothing I love more than a cape moment, and most of these looks WERE IT MAMA. All of the queens delivered on the runway this week in their own unique ways, and I for one was living for it all. After the runway we’re all treated to the finished product of the acting challenge. Thankfully we could hear Ru laughing through the program, so at least one person thought it was funny. Yikes. Ru deems Jan, Widow, Jackie, Sherry, Gigi, Aiden as the best performances of the week. The winner of this week’s challenge was unfortunately Sherry, who was the only one who made me personally laugh (at the end of the episode it was revealed that a donation was made to The Trevor Project). The bottom five queens line up for critiques. While the judges all agreed that the queens all did a fantastic job in the challenge, they got down to details to pick apart in their performances. Ru asks the queens the dreaded question who they think should go home, and why. Most of the queens say Nicky (including herself), what a nightmare.

After the judge’s deliberations Ru decides that the bottom two of the week were Heidi and Nicky, and the two would be lip syncing for their lives to Kim Petras’ Heart to Break. The passion was there for both queens, though Heidi got a little more into her performance than Nicky did. It wasn’t really a surprise that Heidi was spared, and Nicky Doll was sent back to Paris. A real shame for a look that good to be eliminated. Au Revoir girl, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you in the future!

Front Runner of the Week: Crystal made the absolute most out of her small part in the challenge and looked absolutely stunning on the runway (minus the boots). It’s clear she’s taking critiques seriously and evolving weekly. We love to see it. 
Showmance of the season: Ru and Crystal’s mullet. Will she ever shut up about it?
What we’ll see next week: Vanjie returns, Brita has an unfiltered moment backstage, and half of the Mean Girls cast guest judges.
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