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Celebrating Canada's 2SLGBTQI+ Communities

Must-Try Sips From Nickel 9 Distillery’s Signature Queen Cocktail Series

Inspired by beloved Toronto queens Priyanka and Miss Moço, Michael Pez has created two fierce cocktails…
Located in Toronto’s trendy Junction neighbourhood, Nickel 9 Distillery was established back in 2017 when founders Harris Hadjicostis and Chris Jacks began experimenting with vodka. Instead of using potato, grain or corn, the pair experimented with apples (yes, 100% Canadian apples!) to give their Northern Temple Vodka a little crisp sweetness and to ensure their vodka was distinct and unique. Soon afterwards, the Toronto craft distillery created another distinct spirit – their Hidden Temple Gin, which is made with Ontario botanicals to deliver a more woodsy and floral flavour.
Today Nickel 9 Distillery make small batch spirits that are available in over 25 LCBO outlets and more than 40 different bars across the country.
Even better, the craft distillery has been actively involved in the LGBTQ community through donations (to ACT, Inside Out Festival, The Toronto Fringe, PWA and Rainbow Railroad) and has been showing support for artists, bars and local events across Toronto. Now they are bursting into the fall season and celebrating their two-year anniversary with their tasty Signature Queen Cocktail Series.
Inspired by beloved Toronto queens Priyanka and Miss Moço, bartender/mixologist extraordinaire Michael Pez has created two fierce cocktails in the extensive series of cocktails using Nickel 9 Distillery’s Northern Temple Vodka and Hidden Temple Gin.

Photos: David Hawe

The Pri-Drink
Inspired by Priyanka
2 oz. Northern Temple Vodka
1.5 oz. pineapple juice
Ginger beer
Fresh mint and sliced fruit for garnish
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add Northern Temple Vodka and pineapple juice.
Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass filled with ice.
Top with ginger beer.
Garnish with fresh mint and fruit.

Photo: Connor Remus

The Miss Moco – Chic é Feroz
Inspired by Miss Moço
2 oz. Hidden Temple Gin
1 oz. orange juice
1 oz. grapefruit juice
Fresh mint for garnish
In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add Hidden Temple Gin, orange juice and grapefruit juice.
Shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass.
Top with soda.
Garnish with fresh mint.
These two Signature Queen Cocktails can be found at The Drink and Church St. Garage in Toronto. For more information on Nickel 9 Distillery or to check out its upcoming events and products (including a true apple brandy coming this winter), visit

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