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Six Season 11 Drag Race Moments We’re Still Gagging Over

It’s been a few months, and we’ll never forget these moments…

Remember RuPaul’s Drag Race season 11? So do we! To help tide you over until the new season airs, here are six of the most memorable moments from the most recent season.

6. The Return of Vanjie
After being eliminated first during season 10, Vanessa Vanjie Matteo became a meme and won the hearts of Drag Race fans around the world. So it made perfect sense to bring her back to compete again. During her time on season11, Vanjie delivered some of the most iconic monologues in the show’s herstory, participated in its first on-screen romance (more on that later), and even made it to the top five. I would say she had a pretty successful second chance, and I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of her.

We got our meme-able moment during an early season acting challenge during Mercedes Iman Diamond’s big moment during the Get Out parody. Mercedes who struggled with her accent throughout the season kept delivering her line wrong. So what was supposed to be a reference from one of the iconic Paris is Burning, Mercedes’ blunder actually made the moment totally hers. As expected, fans adored the blunder and it became the phrase of the season, and even got its own musical remix.

4. WigGate 2019
After Ariel Versace’s elimination, the queens noticed some wigs were left behind in the werk room. Some of the wigs were allegedly left for Plastique, after she claimed the two were close friends. It sparked a few fights among the queens throughout the season, and it wasn’t cleared up until the drag family challenge later in the season. When confronted about the status of the possibly stolen wigs, Ariel claimed she didn’t give them to anybody, she accidentally left them behind in her haste to pack all of her belongings following her elimination. Awkward.

3. Branjie Forever
Longtime Drag Race fans were finally treated to an on screen romance during season 11 when Brooke Lynn Hytes and Vanessa Vanjie Matteo made it werk room official. Fans were living for the couple, and their Instagram updates after the show had finished filming gave hope that the relationship was a real one that would last. Unfortunately during the reunion episode, the queens broke the news that they had broken up, which in turn broke all of our hearts. We secretly still have hope these lovebirds will reunite.

2. The Six-Way Lipsync
Mama Ru was not happy with one team following the movie parody acting challenge. There were a few queens who pulled their weight, but for the most part, their short film was a steaming pile of garbage, and they all knew it. Ru made all six of the team members lip sync for their lives. For the first time in the shows herstory, there were more than two or three queens competing for their spot in the competition. It was the face-crack of the century, with even the queens in shock. Ru didn’t come to play, but we knew that already.

1. Brooke Lynn vs Yvie Lip Sync
Following their less-than-stellar performance in Snatch Game, the season 11 front-runners pulled it together with their runway looks for the night, but it wasn’t enough to save them completely. Ru decided they must go against each other in a lip sync to end all lip syncs.  There were reveals, wig changes, backflips, death drops. Brooke and Yvie made it clear they were not going without a fight, and their strong spirit was enough to show Ru how much they wanted to stay, and it was enough to save both of them. They of course ended up making it to the top together, but this lip sync was one of the most explosive, and fantastic in the history of the show, and was definitely one of the best moments season 11 gave us.

What was your favourite moment from season 11?

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