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2019 Green Space Festival: 3 Questions For Isaac Escalante

Is Toronto Pride ready for Isaac Escalante…
By Mathieu Chantelois
Latin sensation Isaac Escalante is coming back to Toronto Pride. Escalante has taken over the gay nightlife scene in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. Catch up with the renowned Mexican DJ and Producer before he plays Toronto Pride’s legendary TreeHouse Party.
TreeHouse Party is turning 11! What does this party mean to you?
I’ve been spinning at TreeHouse since the first year the party took place. What we have seen over the years is a small gathering become an enchanted forest. TreeHouse is what a Pride celebration should be about: it’s about real music, while celebrating the power and beauty of diversity. Did I also mention that it’s packed with beautiful people from all ages, races and genders?
Is the era of circuit parties over?
The scene has evolved, and it’s a good thing. The successful parties are now a lot more inclusive. Everyone belongs under the same sun and the same disco ball!
What does Pride mean to you?
It’s the time of the year where we all come together to celebrate love. I’m from Mexico, where being out and queer is not always easy. Pride is a party, sure, but it’s also an important time to remember our victories and the fights that are ahead.

Green Space Festival’s TreeHouse Party, in support of The 519, takes place on Sunday, June 23, 2019, from 1pm until midnight at the Bandshell Park at Exhibition Place. Entrance is free, but donations are appreciated. For more information, visit: greenspaceto.org.



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