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10 LGBTQ-Friendly Picture Books To Read To Your Kid

10 picture books for story time that introduce children to important figures from history, feature characters that live in diverse families, and celebrate self-expression and individuality…
Celebrate Pride Month with your little ones this year by reading one of these 10 picture books for story time. With charming illustrations and engaging text, they reflect on the power of love for all, introduce children to important figures from history in a digestible manner, feature characters that live in diverse families, and celebrate self-expression and individuality.
Red: A Crayon’s Story
By Michael Hall
This adorable picture book tells the story of a crayon labelled Red. But try as he might, he can only draw the colour blue. His crayon friends and teachers think that Red just needs more practice. The art supplies try to help; the masking tape holds Red together and the sharpener tries to make him sharper. But in the end, Red happily realizes that he was just mis-labelled, and that he is really Blue.
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My Two Dads and Me
By Michael Joosten and Izak Zenou
In this little board book for toddlers, children with two dads happily go about their day, starting with a yummy breakfast, playing with blocks, and finishing the night with a bubble bath and lullaby.
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Prince & Knight
By Daniel Haack and Stevie Lewis
In traditional fairy tale fashion, this book begins once upon a time when a prince’s parents start searching for a bride for their son. But instead, the prince falls in love with the brave knight that fights by his side.
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Julián is a Mermaid
By Jessica Love
In this book celebrating individuality and self-expression, little Julián spots three women dressed as glamorous mermaids on the bus. When he gets home, he eager to dress up like a mermaid too. But what will his Abuela think?
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Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag
By Rob Sanders and Steven Salerno
This picture book, inspired by the life and legacy of Harvey Milk, opens with a man lying in the sun daydreaming that one day, “everyone—even gay people—would have equality.” The book proceeds to recount his path to activism, political office, and his role in the design of the rainbow flag in an easy-to-digest and hopeful story for children.
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Pink Is For Boys
By Robb Pearlman and Eda Kaban
In this picture book, girls can like blue and boys can like pink. And even more than that: girls can race cars and boys can play dress up. This sweet story encourages children to express themselves beyond traditional gender binaries.
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Love the World
By Todd Parr
This book for preschoolers celebrates love for all creatures, people, and objects. Using whimsical drawings and rhymes, it teaches children to go into the world with kindness, love, and empathy for all.
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The Important Thing About Margaret Wise Brown
By Mac Barnett and Sarah Jacoby
This picture book tells the true story of Margaret Wise Brown, the author behind children’s classics that I grew up with, such as Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, who brought joy to generations of nurseries. Over the course of 42 pages of text and whimsical watercolour illustrations, this book covers important parts of Margaret’s 42 years of life, discussing her childhood, her work as an author, the time she fell in love with a man named Pebble and a woman named Michael, and what pets she had.
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Princess Puffybottom…and Darryl
By Susin Nielsen and Olivia Chin Mueller
Everything is going well for Princess Puffybottom, a pampered kitten with two loving and attentive owners (who are depicted, in the background to the story, as a lesbian couple), until an intruder arrives: a silly new puppy named Darryl. The story follows as Princess Puffybottom eventually learns to welcome this newest member of the family.
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From the Stars in the Sky to the Fish in the Sea
By Kai Cheng Thom and Kai Yun Ching
In this book, a child is born to a loving and accepting mother. Because they are born in the moment right between night and day, they cannot decide whether they are a girl or a boy, a bird or a fish, or a flower or shooting star. Instead of choosing just one, this shape-shifting child continues to evolve and grow.
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