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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 13 Recap: Reunited

It’s been an ELEVEN-GENDARY season…

With the werk room doors, and main stage officially closed for this season, it’s time for all of our favourite queens to come together to spill some tea, speak their truth, and stir the pot before next week’s finale. Reunions give us a chance to look back, and remember all the highs (Vanjie/Brooke Lynn), and lows (Soju’s cyst). And while tea will most definitely be served to us piping hot, the reunion episode gives us our queens a chance to speak up on different events of the season, that will perhaps shed new light on some of our favourite moments we’ve watched over the past four months. Here are the gaggiest, and MUST KNOW moments from the Season 11 reunion.

Vanjie the sequel
The reunion opens up with a Vanjie montage, which coincidentally is also how last season’s reunion opened. While Vanessa didn’t make this season’s top four, she delivered as the personality this season. Although she came out of the gates strong as a fierce competitor with strong commentary, the Vanjie train started to come off the tracks close to the end of her run, I’m assuming due to the pressures of making new outfits out of her corsets, pasties, and chest glitter. On the stage, Vanjie compares being invited back to compete is like winning a golden ticket to Wonka’s chocolate factory, and why she brought 700 swimsuits for the runway.

Brooke and Vanjie 4 ever?
Ru uses her questions for Vanjie as a transition to talk about the show’s first on-screen romance in herstory. Brooke gives Vanjie credit for initiating the relationship, and after listening to their very sweet, and innocent origin story, Ru asks if the two are still together. Brooke reveals that although the two dated for around four months after the show wrapped, they split due to conflicting schedules. I’m bummed, and I’ve also realized I was more invested in these two than I have been in any of the romantic relationships I’ve been in.

Yvie VS Silky
This season’s biggest, and longest running feud got some time in the spotlight. These two spent 12 episodes mostly screaming at each other, and I’m still not sure why. After the two explained both of their sides, more of the queens continued to jump in, mostly attacking Silky/ any of the other queens who were resistant to taking criticism from the judges, and applying it to future challenges and lewks. With even Ru siding with Yvie (duh, he’s a judge), Silky apologized to Yvie for saying she should get eliminated because of her illness earlier in the competition. While the feud looks like it has come to an end, it will live in our memories forever.

All hail Nina West
After auditioning for the show for nine years, Nina West finally made a bright mark on the competition with her statement campy looks, and sweeter than candy personality. With words of encouragement from U.S politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Rihanna, Nina thanks Ru for giving her a platform to inspire change. It’s looking like Nina has a pretty good shot at Miss Congeniality this year.

After the mystery of Ariel’s missing/left behind wigs left us all scratching our heads. Ru’s attempt at clarifying the situation didn’t help much. Ariel forgot some of her wigs because she was “in her feelings” packing her bags after her elimination, and they were never actually meant for Plastique. Ru provided some recipes in the form of a tweet from Ariel saying she did leave the wigs for Plastique. After everything, Ariel was most concerned about a purple wig Ra’Jah took home with her, which Ra’Jah threw back to her across the stage. Case closed? Still confused? Me too. So is Ru.

Toot or Boot/Library re-opens
It’s time for everybody’s favourite fashion game. The queens rated this season’s best and worst. Coming out on top was Nina’s face-kini, and Plastiques farm to runway. With the worst of the bunch being A’Keria’s non-kaftan, Shuga’s troll, and Soju’s first/last runway. After this season’s lackluster reading challenge, the queens get a do-over. There are some good reads, but it’s mostly subpar…again.

Drag Race snap cup
The reunion closes with the queens going around the room saying nice things about each of the top four, which seems fitting after we’ve just spent an hour reliving all of the fights and drama of the season, including feuds that didn’t even happen on camera. With the exception of a few of the queens, this bunch all seems to respect each other. Sisters forever! Snaps for Ru!

Takeaway from the reunion: Nina West is an actual Angel, Vanjie remains one of this season’s brightest stars, and everybody is still confused about Ariel’s lost/left behind/ stolen wigs. 
Weirdest tea spill: Kahanna Montrese coming literally out of nowhere and attacking Mercedes Iman over an Instagram post, after Mercede’s touching comments about her experience on the show.
What we’ll see next: The top queen of Season 11 will be crowned, as well as a new Miss Congeniality.
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