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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 10 Recap: Dragracadabra

Bippity Boppity Ru…

Last week we said goodbye to Season 11’s fishiest queen Plastique Tiara. We also said goodbye to her somewhat confusing subplot of possibly lying about her life outside the show. I hope it’s brought up during the reunion because we just can’t let allegations like that go you guys. Moving forward, this week we will be treated to a SHAmazing magic show, and if you’re like me the bar is set pretty low regarding amateur magic. I hope I’m so wrong. This week’s episode starts as they all do, with the queens re-entering the werk room following last week’s elimination. Vanjie is feeling a bit shaken up from her time in the bottom again, but she isn’t done fighting for her spot in the race. As the queens peel off their facekinis on the red couch. Silky was a bit put off by the judges assuming she was dressed as a roach, and Nina was feeling tossed aside as Brooke Lynn didn’t give her any credit for her success in last week’s challenge. Being a martyr isn’t cute Nina. You have to fight for yourself in this competition.

It’s a brand new day in the werk room, and Ru appears with pit crew, and Delta Work to announce the mini challenge for the week. The game: Balls to the Wall. The object: the queens, each paired with a pit crew member must get a ball to the wall in some saucy positions without using their hands. This challenge was physical, and Vanjie took home the prize (her first challenge).

Ru announced that the maxi challenge would be performing in a magic show. This is another team event, with Vanjie picking the team. Vanjie (obviously) doesn’t pick Brooke to be on her team. Is this going to create some trouble in paradise later ? (Probably not, but that’s not what the editors want us to think) Brooke, Shuga, and Nina are all over-thinkers, and second guessers; I really hope they get their stuff together. Vanjie, Silky, Yvie, and A’Keria seem to have a better game plan from the go for their act, but there’s a lot of personality in this group, and it could go the other way. During Ru’s walk-around, the rattle-snake sound effect was used at the absolute minimum, so maybe this challenge won’t be as bad as I originally expected. Out on the main stage, the girls went to magic school, with a real magician. He started by swallowing an entire long balloon, and I was both fascinated, and concerned for his health. He showed the queens some classic magic tricks, but we didn’t see how the magic tricks were actually done. Disappointing, but I guess we can’t have it all. When it came down to rehearsing, Brooke, Shuga, and Nina were actually better prepared, though Brooke was feeling a bit intimidated by her trick. After rehearsal, Vanjie’s team had a disagreement over whether their act should have more structure and script. As we all know, going off the cuff only works for Bianca Del Rio, and these queens ain’t it sis.

Elimination day rolls around, and the feelings about the challenge are mixed among the queens. I really hope they all pull through because I still haven’t recovered from Snatch Game. The magic show begins and Brooke, Shuga, and Nina are up first (The Mighty Tucks). Their act is off to a strong start with Nina really delivering with the energy, and a seamless trick. Shuga and Brooke really gave a fun performance; it will be a hard one to follow for sure. Vanjie’s team is up next, and their opening doesn’t pack as much punch, and their jokes aren’t landing as well. A’Keria’s choice to go off the cuff isn’t proving to be a good one, but as per usual, Silky brings what she needs to for the competition. Yvie falls kind of flat, and Vanjie gives us Vanjie. Out on the runway following the magic show, category is Kaftan Realness, with actresses Katherine Langford, and Gina Rodriguez guest judging. As dated as kaftans are, it was so refreshing to see the queens out of their signature silhouettes, and there were some truly fabulous looks. For the first time in the competition, all of the queens remain on stage for the critiques.

Vanjie’s team is up first, and its clear to everybody that their act wasn’t as well planned as it could have been. Brooke’s team is given pretty good critique with Brooke and Nina getting the most praise, and Shuga once again being told that she had been overshadowed by bigger personalities. Ru crowns Nina as the winner of the week, with Brooke, A’Keria, Yvie, and Silky safe. That leaves Vanjie, and Shuga to lip sync to be saved from elimination. The two lip sync to Mary J. Blige’s No More Drama. Both Vanjie and Shuga are working their kaftans, but only one can remain. Ru saves Vanjie from elimination once again, eliminating Shuga from the competition. She had a sweet run!

Front Runner of the Week: Nina West has finally ARRIVED! Her campy style, and comedic timing is just what the show needs. 
Unnecessary Over-Produced Drama of the Week: Ru making the biggest deal over Vanjie not picking Brooke to be on her team, when both queens have mentioned several times that they’re here for the competition first. Ugh.
What we’ll see next week: The eliminated queens return for a makeover. I just hope there’s no switch-a-Ru happening at the end of the challenge.
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