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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11, Episode 6 Recap: The Draglympics

“Who do you think deserves to go home this week?”…
Last week we said goodbye to Instagram Princess Ariel Versace (I feel this was a bit premature, but I don’t make the decisions on the show). We also witnessed the blossoming of a beautiful romance between Brooke Lynn and Vanjie, which the two seemed to confirm via Instagram, and via the sale of  “Branjie” merch. There was also some drama brewing between Yvie and some of the other queens (out of jealousy probably), so we could see a lot go down during this episode regarding Yvie, and her harsh personal criticism.
The episode opened on the queens entering the werk room following Ariel’s elimination, and Brooke Lynn’s second win of the season. Fresh after her lip sync to stay in the competition, Shuga Caine was feeling a little shaken up. Over on the couches, Yvie was reading the other queens for bringing the same lewks to the runway each week, and while there was retaliation, I can’t say Yvie was entirely wrong (she wasn’t at all). Although the lewks this season are all pretty polished, there isn’t much originality.
The next day in the werk room, the drama continues, and Brooke Lynn, and Vanjie were in matching sweatsuits (this is unrelated to the drama, I just thought it was worth mentioning). Ru appeared and got the queens to get in workout quick drag for this week’s mini-challenge featuring Love Connie. Working through the mini challenge’s 80s inspired aerobics routine, the two winners were announced as Ak’eria, and Plastique, and I smell a team maxi challenge coming our way. Following the mini challenge Ru told the queens they would be competing in the first ever draglympics with events such as voguing, and shablam categories in teams! (Shocking). The queens would be competing in two teams of five, with the two winners acting as team captains, obviously.

Freshly divided into their new teams, the queens chat on the couches before learning their choreography. Team A’Keria needed to clear the air with both Yvie, and Silky putting their differences aside to be the best for their team, and Yvie gets down to business teaching the rest of the girls on her team how to Shablam. Out on the main stage, the queens (team A’Keria) are ready to turn it out with the choreographers (Travis Wall and Adam Rippon!) starting with fanography. In what was probably the most simple of the events (it should be noted that I cannot dance, so I really can’t speak to how hard or easy this might be), some queens were having more of a problem than others. When it came to the rest of the choreography, Silky was having a bit of trouble with the floor routines, and I don’t blame her because I was out of breath watching it all happen. Team Plastique was out next, and though Ra’Jah and Vanjie had all the steps down, Scarlet was struggling HARD with picking the steps up. I hope she can pull it together for the performance, but she seemed to have a good attitude about it.
The next day in the werk room while the girls were getting ready for the main event, we were met with a very emotional Vanessa Vanjie, who felt she was letting her supporters down, as she coasts through the competition. Yvie was feeling unsure about her joint disorder, and I’m worried this might be a Eureka season nine situation.
Out on the main stage is time for the Draglympics with each team presenting their floor routine. Team A’Keria is up first, and they did a great job at balancing each of their talents for a chance to be in the spotlight. Team Plastique was up second and they also performed really well. It seems like the teams were pretty evenly divided, which worked well for the rest of us, as it made both routines fun to watch. Out on the runway the category is “all that glitters”, and we saw some STUNNING gold lewks. Following the runway Ru announced that A’Keria was the winner of the week, with her team winning their safety from elimination. Team Plastique landed in the bottom with the whole team up for elimination. Though both teams did very well, I can understand why Team Plastique landed in the bottom for the week.  

Ru decided it was time to ask the girls who they thought should be sent home this week. With the whole team picking poor Scarlet, Scarlet chose Ra’Jah (who has been in the bottom twice before). At this point, anybody could be in the bottom, and anybody could go home. Plastique, Vanjie, and Nina all safe from elimination, but it looks like Ra’Jah and Scarlet will have to fight for their spot in the competition. The two lip-syncing to Donna Summer’s Last Dance, and with glitter, a pair of golden scissors (did anyone else have Us flashbacks?), and an outfit reveal I did not expect, someone sadly still needs to go home. This week that someone was Scarlet Envy (didn’t see that coming either). As someone who also “can’t dance”, I felt her pain, and was sad to see her go, especially since the queen she was up against just lip synced for the third time, but like I said, I don’t make the rules here. See you at the reunion girl.
Front-runner of episode six: Yvie surprised me with working through her pain and not making any excuses. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and continues to compete.
Biggest “girl what are you doing” moment: Vanjie walking out in another corset, and body glitter. Sure she looked fierce, but when the judges have been reading you weekly for your lack of diverse lewks, you gotta change it up!
What we’ll see next week: ANOTHER SEWING CHALLENGE! We are getting spoiled this season.
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