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Antoni Porowski’s Debut Cookbook Is Coming Out This Fall

Check out the first look at the cover…
By: Jumol Royes
If you can’t take the heat, you better get out of the kitchen…and if Antoni Porowski is in the kitchen, you know it’s going to be hot!
Antoni in the Kitchen, scheduled for release this fall (September 9), is the first cookbook by one of Montreal’s favourite sons who’s also the food expert on the hit Netflix reboot, Queer Eye, now in its third season. The cookbook is influenced by Porowski’s Polish heritage and he tells People magazine that writing it was a “very personal” experience:
“Growing up, for a large part of my life, I felt this weird shame about being Polish. It wasn’t cool to bring ethnic foods to lunch while the other kids had awesome club sandwiches and I was coming in with pickled cabbage and stuff. But now in my thirties I think, as a result of the confidence that’s come from having the show and speaking to a lot of Polish people, I’m more excited to be Polish again and I have more pride in my heritage,” he says.
If you’re expecting the 100 recipes to focus solely on healthy eating, think again: Porowski, who was recently in Toronto for the Canadian launch of GE Appliances’ new Café Appliances collection, says this cookbook is all about him sharing his love of food.
“I love cheese; I don’t shy away from it. I love all kinds of animal fats, and I think this book really is the other side of me. It’s the Antoni during the weekends when I really want to have people over and make like a beautiful pasta dish or a really nice, hearty stew,” he says.
Check out the first look at the cover for Antoni in the Kitchen below:


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