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Toronto Artist Cory Stewart Releases His New Single And Talks About Inspiration

Check out Cory Stewart’s new single, Poison
Toronto singer Cory Stewart has released his first single, Poison, from his up-coming full-length album. The three minutes and 45-second track pairs a catchy, radio-friendly backing track with a deeper message displayed through Stewart’s thought-provoking lyrics and powerful vocal performance.
The Toronto pop singer began working on his new music shortly after releasing his 2018 E.P., 7 Different Sides; drawing inspiration from an entire plethora of concepts, ranging from human emotion, internal struggles and the current state of social interaction.
“Conceptually, the way that I’m writing is evolving,” Stewart said in regard to his new music, adding “I’m finding inspiration in concepts that I would like to explore in musical form.”
One of these inspirational concepts birthed his first single, Poison.
“There’s a famous Nelson Mandala quote: ‘resentment is like drinking poison and then hoping it will kill your enemies’ which I’ve always lived within the back of my head,” said Stewart, adding that he believes its relevance to our current place in history is intriguing. The singer mentions that harbouring resentment seems to be a common theme in social conflict, which in turn is detrimental to relationships among people.
To put forward his ideas, Stewart collaborated with producer Gavin Bradley – the same producer of 7 Different Sides– to orchestrate the music for Poison, and the rest of his full-length album.
“He’s really good at not forcing ideas, rather asking me questions to make me think hard about my lyrics and music, which I really appreciate,” said Stewart, also mentioning that Bradley’s input allows his music grow to its fullest potential.
The track features a brief vocal interlude from Toronto artist MDL CHLD, which adds an element of hip-hop to the song’s apparent dance feel. Stewart mentioned he left a demo with the artist, who comprised his verse shortly after.
“He has a really distinctive voice,” Stewart said about MDL CHLD, also mentioning “he has a unique way of production and presenting his lyrics… he treats his voice like an instrument.”
Leading up to the track’s release, Stewart has shared various preview images on social media of historical figures, such as: Cleopatra, Socrates, and Schobert; all famous individuals in history, who met their end by poison.
“I wanted to put forward images of famous people who were poisoned, not only to educate myself on the background stories of each of these characters but to pique the interest of my listeners,” Stewart said. Each of the photos were joined with a caption explaining the historical significance relating to the track’s title.
While Stewart was unable to share details of when his full-length album will be released, he did hint that its expected release will happen later this year.

The Toronto singer has posted several shows for his No More Trips Tour on his website, Stewart’s music is also available on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and many more. You can follow Cory Stewart on Instagram @coryjstewart.
Photo credit: Wil Craddock

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