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RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 11, Episode 5 Recap: Monster Ball

Coven Girl put the bass in your walk…

Last week we said goodbye to Mercedes Iman Diamond after a rocky four weeks, but we also said hhiiiiiiiieeeee to a new showmance (which we were made super aware of during Untucked). Yes, you did read that right. If this season hadn’t provided us with pretty good content so far, we would have still walked away with the most perfect pairing of all Brooke Lynn Hytes, and Vanessa Vanjie Matteo. Over the last week, these two have been teasing their budding romance via Instagram, and our thirst for showmance has finally been quenched since we were straight up BAITED with Jinkx and Ivy in season five.

We start this week’s episode, as we do every episode, in the werk room following the last elimination. While Yvie says she wasn’t surprised by Mercedes’ departure, the queens were all sad to see her go. Over on the couches, Scarlet basks in the glory of Ru’s one compliment about her casting choices, which some of the other queens are calling delusions. The conversation quickly moves over to the romantic sparks between Brooke Lynn and Vanjie. Vanjie says they’re just “good friends”, and Brooke Lynn says they just have crushes on each other, but those kisses don’t lie girls. Ra’Ja O’Hara says if she has to lip sync every week for a spot in the competition she will, and Yvie (correctly) spills some tea, because not only have we heard that statement before in seasons past, but it is also the laziest way to shortchange yourself, and your talent without putting any work into the competitions. It’s old, and it’s boring.

The next day in the werk room the queens coin the couple name “Branjie” for Brooke Lynn, and Vanjie. Meanwhile, Silky Ganache is on the prowl for a new man and shares a spontaneous kiss with Nina West. We’re living honey. Just in time Ru appears on the screen and drops some delightfully spooky hints for the week ahead. After a weird plug about the new RuPaul doll, Ru announces the mini challenge of the week, which is a quick drag challenge to become a living doll. That’s when Drag Race legend, and my personal favourite queen/living doll Trixie Mattel entered to give the queens some advice on playing nice. After a fantastic, life in plastic challenge, Ru announced the winner as Ra’Ja O’Hara, which probably has Yvie eating her words. Oh well.

For this week’s maxi challenge, Ru chooses to throw a Monster Ball, with each of the queens serving three looks. Trampy Trick or Treater, Witch Please, and Milf Eleganza (Monster I’d Like to Freak). This challenge speaks right to my heart, AND IT’S ANOTHER SEWING CHALLENGE, so I can’t wait to see how this turns out. During the ball preparations, Silky confesses that she’s a bit in the dark, and doesn’t love Halloween, so she already feels like she might have to lip sync. Que Yvie eyeroll. Brooke Lynn and Vanjie share a sweet moment by a sewing machine, but in confessionals both state that they won’t let whatever this relationship turns out to be, it won’t get in the way of their personal competition.

With various monster lewks coming together around the werk room, the queens tell Ariel that she should probably make her mermaid costume a little more spooky, and a little less Party City. Meanwhile, Brooke Lynn abandons her original murderous runner up beauty queen idea, and scrambles to make a monster lewk with one (1) rubber snake.

Before we know it, it’s runway/elimination day, and it’s time for the queens to present their three Monster Ball lewks to guest judges Cara Delevingne, and spook legend Elvira. During the first category (Trampy Trick or Treater) the queens served in sexy looks featuring Vanjie as the first inclusive VS angel, Plastique as a Playboy Bunny, and Brooke Lynn as a mummy on pointe. The second category (Witch Please) saw the queens in witchy lewks. A lot of black sequins, and lace. Originality points go to Nina West for her Salem Witch, Ra’Ja as a wicked witch from the Emerald City, and Shuga Cain, and Bloody Mary. In the final category (MILF) we saw a lot of different, and original interpretations of the challenge.

Following a lengthy runway, the tops of the week went to Platique, Brooke Lynn, and Yvie. With the bottoms of the week being Shuga, Ariel Versace, and Silky. Following the judges eliminations, Ru announced that the winner of the week was Brook Lynn Hytes! Her second win of the season! Unfortunately, two queens still have to lip sync, and the two bottoms were Shuga Cain, and Ariel Versace. The two bottom queens lip synched to Whitney Houston’s I’m Your Baby Tonight, and after a not-so-spooky, slippery, and passion filled lip sync, Ru announced the fifth queen leaving the competition would be Ariel Versace. She had the potential, but served us the same looks from week one, so I can’t say I’m surprised. See you at the reunion girl!

The frontrunner of episode five: Lean Canadian Bacon herself Brooke Lynn Hytes continues to slay.
Biggest monster I’d like to Frick: Vanjie didn’t get enough recognition for her sexy as hell lewks, and I’m taking notes for next Halloween.
What we’ll see next week: The first ever Drag Olympics, and some potential beef between Silky and Yvie.
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