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RuPaul's Drag Race Season 11, Episode 3 Recap: Diva Worship

Take us to church…
Another week has gone by since we said goodbye to our last queen, Kahanna Montrese, and I could not be more excited for a new episode. My sources (Drag Race fan accounts on Instagram) have teased that there might be a little romance in the air for the two queens. I just have to say that I have been waiting for a showmance on this program for 11 seasons now, and if it doesn’t happen I’m going to be so disappointed, but back to the episode! We meet up with the queens this week following the last elimination, as per usual. Mercedes is feeling thankful that she pulled through to stay in the competition, while Vanjie says she kind of fades into the background. Some of the other queens were feeling a bit of regret for discounting Yvie, and Scarlet last week, and once again, the social media queens are surprised they can’t offer us much more than a stunning makeup look. One dimensional, henny!

The next day in the werk room Ru enters and introduces us to this week’s mini challenge. Which I think is scamming their way backstage at a concert, and I’m going to be taking notes for the Sweetener tour later this year. To be honest, this challenge was a bit of a mess and I didn’t learn anything, but Nina and Ra’Ja won, so good for them. This week’s maxi challenge would be a religious based talk show surrounding the worship an iconic diva of the queen’s choice. Because there were two mini challenge winners, this will obviously be another team challenge. We don’t have time to recap the whole process of picking the teams but I’ll sum it up for you. The two that were chosen last, last week were not chosen last again, and the two chosen last this week are shocked that nobody wants them on their team.
Team-building is off to a rocky start with Silky still holding a grudge over Ariel Versace over the comments from last week. Get over it girl! It’s a game, and what she said was mostly true. The first group chooses Britney Spears as their diva to worship, while the other group chooses to go with Mariah Carey, although nobody on the team seems to know much about Mariah. Ru enters once again to give the teams a pep-talk, and stresses that the queens must find their rhythm. Team Britney has it together, everybody seems pretty confident with their material, and they’re excited because it’s Britney, bitch. Team Mariah however knew nothing about Mariah Carey, and despite being told that they should probably change their game plan, decides to stick with Mariah. I can smell the train wreck already.
Following a quick commercial break, it’s filming day! Team Britney is up first, and I am feeling optimistic. Nina West anchors her team perfectly. There’s great chemistry, the puns are there, and as the hosts, she and Brooke Lynn know their stuff. Enter Vanjie with her Britney conversion, and it was, iconic, and she needs her own show. After the break, Silky and Ariel treat us to a musical number. Team Britney really sold it. The group worked well together, and they all knew what they were doing (besides Mercedes). Team Mariah is off to a bit of a rocky start, but it’s going to be hard to follow team Britney. It’s a bit over the top in all the wrong ways. This show is all over the place, and much like that one Mariah New Years performance it’s hard to watch. It needs to be over, and we need to all, collectively, forget about it.
It’s elimination day, and the queens are busy in the werk room getting ready for the runway. Team Mariah is feeling the heat, but over at Team Britney, it looks like some romance might be blossoming between Vanjie and Brooke Lynn. All I got was 45 seconds, and I hope they elaborate on this concept further in the coming weeks. Out on the runway Ru introduces this week’s guest judges Guillermo Díaz, and Troye Sivan. This week the category is FRINGE, and there are some incredible lewks on the runway. No surprise, team Britney won the weekly challenge, with the top winner being Nina West, a well deserved victory. Team Britney is safe for the week, with everybody in Team Mariah up for elimination. Most everybody on the team got read to filth, and the judging took a heavy turn with Ru asking each of the queens who was responsible for the “stink, stank, stunk” of the week. Yikes.

After deliberations, Ru announced that for the first time in Drag Race herstory, the whole team would be lip-syncing for their lives. All six of the bottom queens performed to Jennifer Lopez’s Waiting for Tonight. This lip sync is a lot to take in. There’s hardly any room on the stage for any of them to do anything other than some hair-ography. After the lip sync Ru announced that the third queen leaving the competition is Honey Mahogany, and it was far from a sweet farewell.
Front-runner of episode three: Vanjie and Brooke Lynn continue to be consistent favourites, but I have to give it up for Miss Nina West this week. She had something to prove, and she delivered the goods.
The moment I wish I could forget: Mistaking the movie Glitter for the made-up movie Sparkle. OOOF.
What we’ll see next week: It’s finally time for this season’s Rusical! We have high expectations, ladies!
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