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Celebrating Canada’s LGBTQ2+ Community

Pornography vs. Reality

If you can separate the truth from the fantasy…you can share the best of both worlds
I have met several people in my life who have said, “I learned a lot about the act of sex through watching porn.” And, unfortunately, this isn’t an uncommon thing, especially since sex has always been something that feels so censored. When your educational systems aren’t talking about it, when you can’t talk to parents/friends and family about it…where do you turn?
The easy choice would be to turn to porn. Pop in a DVD, find some clips online and learn how the pros do it, right? The moves, the dialogue…they’re all presented to you in a way that someone might look at it and say, “Yeah, that will definitely work!” If it feels that good for the stars of the film, what could go wrong in reality?
This doesn’t take into consideration the fact that pornography is just an act. It sets a mostly unrealistic level of intimacy, because it’s designed, and filmed, to speak to your inner fantasy. And most of the time, when porn is discussed, it’s usually from the angle of “porn is bad for you…it leads to unrealistic expectations, you’ll end up getting ED, nothing will ever satisfy you…” etc.
But porn doesn’t have to be all bad! In fact, there are a few advantages that it can offer you and your partner. I’m here to encourage the use of porn as a tool for inspiration. Watching certain genres will get you and your partner thinking, and hopefully talking, about what turns you on and what you can try together in an attempt to spice up your love life – because even the most sexually active couples will admit that sometimes…you just fall into a bedroom routine after a while. Porn could be the thing that takes you up a notch!
You could do something completely different and make it into a game. See how long you can resist each other while you’re watching porn together… Let the tease drive you wild. Set your own rules, your own time limits, and just enjoy!
Or take things slow and observe how your partner responds to the sounds and sights you’ve presented on the screen – then, when the time seems right, start with some light foreplay and let the rest unravel… Before you know it, you’ll be so wrapped up in each other that you won’t care what’s on the screen.
The best part? Seduction is having a pretty amazing sale on DVDs right now! Perfect opportunity to check something out. Come in together, or leave it as a surprise for your partner!

ASHLEY LE FEUVRE-WILLIAMS is an essential part of the team at Seduction Love Boutique, being one of two main contributors to the Toronto stores’ marketing department as well as a dedicated sales manager. Seduction has proudly served the community since 1998; follow it on Instagram: @SeductionTO.
(Image via YouTube/wickydkewl)

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