01 April 2019 / Entertainment Flashback Latest

FLASHBACK: Ed Wood Releases Glen or Glenda (April 1953)

April 1953: Today in LGBTQ+ history

19 March 2019 / Latest Travel

Down The Danube

A legendary river, quaint medieval towns, stunning scenery, and five different countries – Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia and Germany – make for a busy week on the water… By Doug Wallace With...

18 March 2019 / Latest Style

A Cast Of New Autos Is Ready For Adventure

Gather your chosen family and hit the road!… By Casey Williams Spring is the time to think about adventure, whether that includes hiking, boating, bicycling, or…driving. Get out there in style –...

14 March 2019 / Latest Style

Selfish Or Self-care?

In the age of Instagram and selfie sticks, when it comes to aging gracefully, where do you draw the line between self-care and self-absorption… By Adriana Ermter Blame it on pop culture...

13 March 2019 / Latest Life Sex

It’s Time To Stop Assuming Who Is Top And Who Is Bottom

Where you stand on this may be based on something other than your personal preference

12 March 2019 / Latest Life

Ready For Blast-Off

Four fat-blasting exercises to add to your workout routine… By Karen Kwan With the variety of workouts out there, what are the best fat-burning exercises you can do to quickly tone and...

11 March 2019 / Latest Life

Gay Conservatives: A Political Paradox

Why LGBT Canadians spend money or time on conservative campaigns, and what it means for the right… Talking politics has never been easy. It’s right up there on the list of...

07 March 2019 / Latest Life Relationship Advice

Relationship Advice: His Insecurities Are Affecting Our Relationship

How do I get through to my boyfriend and help him see how great he is?… By Adam Segal Dear Adam,My boyfriend’s self-esteem has been really low and it’s kind of driving...

06 March 2019 / Latest Life

Our Complicated Relationship With The Term Queer

Whose word is it, anyway?… When Tim McCaskell was growing up, the worst thing you could be labelled was a sissy. “If someone called you that, you either had to fight...

05 March 2019 / Latest Life Sex

Pornography vs. Reality

If you can separate the truth from the fantasy…you can share the best of both worlds I have met several people in my life who have said, “I learned a lot...

05 March 2019 / Entertainment Latest Life

Leading Man: Omar Sharif Jr.

Omar Sharif Jr. is making his mark by building on a legacy of acting and activism… By: Jumol RoyesPhoto by: Sean Black Trying to find one label to define Omar Sharif Jr....

04 March 2019 / Latest Life

Breaking Down the Barriers Between HIV and Mental Health

Many people living with HIV experience higher rates of depression and anxiety