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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 9 Recap: Sex and the Kitty Girl

Life isn’t fair, get used to it kitty girl…

I am still gagging over the unjust, and premature elimination of Miss Manila Luzon at the end of last week’s episode. But as they say, the show must go on, and with this being the final episode before a new All Star is crowned next week, on with the show we must go. Backstage following the elimination Monique was left gooped that Manila was sent home during her first time in the bottom. On the couches, Trinity stated that she was also shocked at Manila’s elimination, and asked Naomi why she made that decision. Naomi said she sent manila home, simply because she wanted to. And yeah, I think we can all agree that Latrice’s lack of tears at Manila’s elimination after Manila loudly sobbed when Latrice was sent packing the first time was a little shady. The queens then asked Monét to reveal her lipstick, and she had also chosen to eliminate Manila, just out of pure pettiness, and nothing else. The game just got shady and I am gagged. Officially.

The next day in the werk room, the queens all bask in being in the top five. The queens are unsurprisingly, surprised by Ru’s arrival at the stairs, and the announcement of this week’s maxi challenge. This week the queens will be competing in an acting challenge/ comedic mockumentary based off everybody’s favourite NYC kitty girls, Sex and the City. Each queen would be assigned an iconic girl from the series and one guest-character that famously fell out of a window in a 2004 episode. Since she won the lip sync last week, Naomi gets to cast the roles for the challenge. She of course casts herself as SJP (because fashion), and Trinity and Monét instantly fight over Kim Cattrall. The two rock paper scissors for the role, with Trinity, ultimately winning. Naomi casts Monét as the sub-character K-Jo, Latrice gets Cynthia, and Monique gets Kristin. The rehearsals start rough, as all acting challenges do, and as the queens read through their scripts I couldn’t help but wonder, have any of them actually watched an episode of Sex and the City?

When it comes to filming the scene, the queens all look the part, but the acting remains questionable. As a self-proclaimed SATC super fan, Naomi doesn’t seem to know how to act like SJP, also she can’t remember any her lines. To be quite honest, nobody’s nailing their part except for Monique, whose character is already a mess so it kind of works for her. As a Sex and the City mega-fan myself, this challenge was particularly painful to watch.

The following day, the queens prepare for their Kitty Cat Couture runway, and critiques on their acting challenge. The queens playfully drag each other for their terrible performances in the acting challenge, but at least they know it wasn’t that great. Trinity announces that if she’s in the top, she’s going to try to make the fairest decision on who to send home. The conversation gets kind of shady, but it truly is anybody’s game so we’ll have to see how it all plays out on the runway. Helping critique the queens this week, are guest judges are actress Felicity Huffman, and designer Jason Wu. On the runway, the queens all take a feline approach to their lewks. The finished product of the mockumentary was better than what the filming segment suggested, though it took a weird turn during that clown Met Ball scene. During the critiques, the judges praised Trinity, and Monique, on their outfits, and performances in the acting challenge. On the other hand, the judges went in on Naomi’s SJP, and were just meh about Monét, and Latrice. Trinity and Monique were announced as this week’s tops, with all of the other contestants in the bottom, and up for elimination.

Deliberations must be made, and conversations must be had backstage, and with three queens up for elimination, the tension is high. Trinity seems to be playing a shady game with her decisions, asking each of the other queens who they would personally send home. Monique is a little subtler with her questions, but at this point in the competition, it needs to get cut throat, and the claws are coming out, kitty girls. Monique and Trinity lip sync for their legacy to When I Think of You by Janet Jackson. After a lot of twirling, and clothing reveals from each of them, Ru announces Trinity as the week’s winner. With great power, comes shady responsibility, and after all of her questions, and deliberations with the other queens backstage, Trinty chose to eliminate Latrice Royale. Leaving for the second time this season, it looks like Latrice is gone for good. She leaves behind her legacy, of course, and breaking the curse of the “one episode run” of a returning queen.

Takeaway from episode 9: The competition has officially reached the point where the competition is close, and fierce. I don’t think anybody is completely shocked with the final four standing. 
Who will take the crown next week? My bet is still on Trinity stepping into the spotlight fully next week and snatching the All Stars 4 crown.
What we’ll see in the finale: The queens are expecting a twist for the finale, a singing/dancing final maxi challenge, the podcast taping, and we get visited by the ghosts of All Stars Past, Chad, Alaska and Trixie!
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