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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 7 Recap: Queens of Clubs

Walk into the club purse first…

It’s been a week since we all collectively lived through the lip sync LaLaPaRUza, and the non-shocking twist of the season, the return of Latrice Royale. Back in the werk room Latrice is glad to be back but a little upset that Monique was saved as well. Valentina interjects and announces that she is also here to work all her way to the top, and also explains that being sent home doesn’t work with her fantasy. Yeah Queen, it doesn’t work for anybody’s fantasy except for Jasmine Masters, who apparently was just there for a good time, not a long time. Latrice may be back, but if this season continues to follow the patterns of the past like it has been, her resurrection may be cut short, and she knows it. Let’s hope she breaks the pattern.

The next day in the werk room, Ru explains to the queens the importance of club culture, and tells the queens that this week’s challenge is to create a legendary club night in teams! This should be fun since we haven’t really seen a challenge like this in the past. As a welcome back present, Ru lets Latrice pick the pairs, and then joins whatever team she wants. The teams are:

Valentina and Naomi
Monét and Monique
Trinity, Manila, and Latrice

Watching Valentina come up with original and unique ideas while taking very loud sips of her French vanilla latte is truly a pure source of entertainment. She and Naomi decide on Club 96, which from what I can gather is a sexy fashion club that might also be a nod to the 1990s? Should be interesting to see how this one plays out. The Mo’s have decided on an intergalactic/science fiction-themed club, complete with beakers, “out of this world music”, an alien baby, and some DIY slime. It might be a bit far fetched, but it’s a fully realized concept. Manila, Trinity, and Latrice have settled for a beehive themed club based off of matching outfits they already had in their wardrobe. In the confessionals, Trinity explains that she’s a bit nervous to be on a team with Latrice since she didn’t do so well in the last team challenge. This is a complex challenge, and the queens have to paint and decorate their club sets. Manila might be the frontrunner with this challenge given her graphic design background, but the Mo’s set is looking good too. Over at club 96, Naomi is starting to get worried that they won’t have a full package for the judges to critique, and not just “the look”. Club 96 might just be Delusional Island Valentina has been living on the past few weeks.

Following a short commercial break, it’s opening night, and the queens are busy getting ready to host their clubs. While the Mo’s announce that they enjoy working together, Naomi makes her worries about working with Valentina known to the rest of the queens, and Trinity says what we’re all thinking in the confessional. Latrice is a force, and a legend, but she’s not pulling out all the stops for this competition.

The first club visited by the judges (which includes singer Rita Ora, and club legend Susanne Bartsch) is The Black Hole (Monique and Monét). The highlights of the club include a baby alien in an incubator. Stunning! Aside from how weird it seemed, it looked like a lot of fun. Next up is the very glamorous Club 96. It’s the kind of club I would be nervous to go to in fear that I would end up on their instagram with a “worst dressed” caption. Naomi and Valentina look stunning, but their concept is kind of one dimensional, and the guest judges/VIP attendees don’t look like they’re having as much fun as they were in the Black Hole. Lastly, the judges then buzz over to Manila, Trinity, and Latrice’s Club Hive. Visually, Club Hive is the best looking. It’s luxe, and the theme is fun without being too gimmicky.

Following the club challenge, it’s time for the main stage runway, and the category is Pastique Fantastque. The queens turn it out in various plastics and latex. The judges give praise to Club Hive, telling the queens they all worked together well to deliver a club that housed a lot of fun. Next up is Club 96, while the judges were impressed with the interior, and overall vibe of the club, but other than that there wasn’t much more to the club. The Mo’s Black Hole club is next to be judged, and the judges called it “stupid fun”, and applauded the queens for working so well together and hosting a super fun party. After the judges critiques, Ru announces that Latrice, and Trinity are the top queens of the week. Kudos to Latrice for breaking the returned queens curse! Monét, Monique, and Manila are safe, leaving Valentina, and Naomi as this week’s bottom.

Backstage the queens must deliberate and decide on which queen to send home at the end of the lip-sync tonight. Naomi is feeling a disadvantage since she isn’t as close to Trinity as Valentina, but this is also Valentina’s third time in the bottom. While Naomi has been pretty consistent, she’s also been fading into the background of most episodes, so this could be anybody’s week. Latrice and Trinity are lip-syncing to You Spin me Round by Dead or Alive. After the most interesting and visually confusing lip sync to date, Latrice takes the top spot and chooses to eliminate Valentina. And just like that, the fantasy has come to an end, exiting the competition with a crown on her head. See you in RENT girl!

Takeaway from episode 7: This season it really is anybody’s competition, and this episode was no exception. Just because you’re safe this week, next week the full fantasy can end mi amor. 
Frontrunner of the week: Trinity the Tuck continues to be a frontrunner for me. She’s silently gaining more and more momentum each episode without putting too much of a target on her back. It’s good strategy that might get her all the way to the final.
What we’ll see next week: FINALLY! The family resemblance challenge makes a comeback with the queens making over their best Judy’s!
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