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RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 6 Recap: LaLaPaRUza

I don’t know why you’re all gagging. An eliminated queen returns in the middle of every All Stars season…

After last week’s shocking, and slightly confusing end where exactly nobody went home, and all of the queens who had gotten voted off the island had come back to the werk room ready for blood. After a tense four-second standoff, all of the queens hugged each other, and even though all of the queens are super friendly now, we all know that there’s going to be some shade thrown on those couches in about a minute. As per usual, the remaining queens were a bit shocked (I don’t know why this literally happens every single time) that the eliminated queens were back in the competition, meaning they were right back at the beginning, despite the several weeks of competitions they’ve had to work through to still be there.

On the couches, Jasmine Masters tells the other queens that she wasn’t upset about going home first, and there was nothing she would change about the game she played (weird flex, but ok). Farrah, looking stunning and highlighted for the GAWDS henny, explains that she had invested everything into coming back into this competition, and was devastated when things didn’t go how she had planned. Monét and Manila were then asked to show their lipsticks, and it was revealed that both queens had picked Valentina to go home, a true telenovela moment for her I’m sure. Latrice decided to come for Miss Monique for eliminating her, apparently completely ignoring the fact that she previously coasted through. Monique defended herself, even though Latrice isn’t counting All Stars 1 as a shot at a crown, officially joining Valentina on Delusion Island.

The next day in the werk room, Ru enters and reminds us that All Star rules have been suspended, and tells the queens that for the first time in Drag Race herstory, they will all be competing in a lip sync LaLaPaRUza. The Eliminated queens (in reverse elimination order) will be choosing a current all-star queen to lip sync against. Whoever wins the lip sync either stays or re-enters the competition, sending the lip sync loser home. Thankfully, last week’s winners Monét and Manila get immunity from the lip syncs this week, leaving four perfect pairs. Well… it’s not the sewing challenge we wanted, but it sounds like it could get spicy, so we’ll take it. Valentina and Farrah have a moment in front of the mirrors (obviously), regarding Valentina sending Farrah home a few weeks ago, and not surprisingly, the conversation resolves nothing. Monique feels like Latrice is going to pick her to lip sync against after the drama at the start of the episode, but claims she’s ready, and willing to go up against her.

It’s maxi challenge day, and out on the main stage, the category is LaLaPaRUza Eleganza, which apparently means bodysuits and sparkles. All of the queens look gorgeous, and we all know this episode is going to come down to the lip syncs, so the runway is more for fun. The time has come for the queens to lip sync for their lives. Jasmine Masters was left with the last remaining queen to be chosen, so she will be lip-syncing against Trinity the Tuck, to “Peanut Butter.” After an explosive performance, involving a lot of floor work, Ru declared that Trinity would be keeping her spot in the competition, and Jasmine would be returning home. Next up is Farrah Moan, who chooses to lip sync against Valentina to “Kitty Girl.” This lip sync between frenemies was especially interesting to watch considering the history between these two. Following the lip sync, Ru decides that Valentina would also be keeping her spot in the competition, proving once and for all that she has learned her lesson from season nine.

Gia Gunn is next to reveal that she has chosen to lip sync against Naomi. The two will be battling it out to “Adrenaline.” After what Valentina called “The Human Hair Bundle Competition of Luck”, Ru chose to keep Naomi in the competition, sending Gia home once again (bummer). It’s time for the final face of between Latrice and Monique. This starts to make me nervous because I really love Monique’s commentary, and I don’t know if I can handle another week watching Latrice Royale expect to coast to the final on her reputation alone (no tea, no shade, no pink lemonade). The two will be lip syncing to “Sissy that Walk” because OF COURSE THEY ARE AMERICA. After a super strong lip synch from both queens, which included a wig reveal from each, Ru announced that Latrice would be re-entering the competition, and just as my heart started to sink for poor Monique, Ru decided that Monique would also be staying in the competition. GOOPED AND GAGGED OFFICIALLY. STUNNING. They’re all winners baby, and so are we for making it through all of that.

Takeaway from episode 6: It doesn’t matter how many ways you re-package it. Halfway through the All Stars competition there will always be a challenge, where all of the remaining queens stay, and exactly one eliminated queen will return. Facts are facts. 
Frontrunner of the week: Trinity the Tuck is feeling pretty untouchable, at this point without being too in our faces about it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins the whole thing.
What we’ll see next week: The Queens will design their own themed nightclubs in teams. Still not a sewing challenge, but we’re getting closer.
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