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RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4, Episode 5 Recap: Roast In Peace

It’s time to put the fun in funeral…

It’s been a week since our chunky yet funky sister Latrice Royale was sent home. After reading Latrice’s parting words on the mirror, Manila Luzon continued to cry for the loss of her friend in the competition. Manila then revealed that the lipstick she had chosen was none other than Monét X Change. For the first time, the queen that lost the lip sync had chosen a different lipstick. Monét might be gagged in the confessional, but tells her there are no hard feelings towards her. It is a competition after all. We’re just not sure Manila knows this isn’t Drag-your-best-friend-to-the-finish-line-Race.

The next day in the werk room, Ru reveals that this week’s challenge would be a good old roast… and this season’s subject? Drag legend, and Ru’s personal friend Lady Bunny. This time, however, the roast would be set up like a funeral, and each of the queens would be delivering ru-logies. Since Monique won the lip sync challenge, she gets to choose the order of the eulogies. In a smart move, she places herself in the middle. With Monét opening, and Manila closing the show out in an effort to knock her down a peg, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this might backfire on our dear Monique Heart. Stunning.

There aren’t any standout comedy queens this season which should make this challenge an interesting one to watch, and not in a good way. In the werk room while the queens are preparing their jokes, Ru does the walk-around, and it isn’t looking good for the majority of the queens. Yikes. The only queen to really make Ru laugh is Manila, and Monique looks worried in the background. Here to help the queens with their roast material is guest judge, and SNL babe, Cecily Strong. Not only is Cecily stunning, but she’s also actually giving the queens constructive criticism, and fixes for their jokes. From the rehearsals, it seems like Monét, Monique, and Manila might be the tops for the roast challenge, while Naomi, and Valentina are struggling a little to find their funny bones. Trinity, however, who has been killing every single comedy challenge so far, seems to be second guessing herself. This might hurt her game.

After some werk room banter about how Manila would be judging the competition going forward now that her friend was gone, it was time for Lady Bunny to be toasted and roasted while laying in a coffin at the edge of the stage. Donned in their black Sunday best, the queens take the stage. Monét opened the roast and did a fantastic job. She’ll be in the top this week for sure. Trinity is second, and her jokes are not landing. It’s hard to watch since Trinity has been on top throughout the whole competition. Monique is next and chooses to do a character. It works for her, but not enough to put her on top. She’ll be safe. Naomi made her jokes all about age to emphasize just how young she is. None of her jokes land, but she looks stunning and that might just save her. Valentina is up next, and after a confusing bit regarding her eye makeup; she flounders through the rest of her jokes. To be fair we kind of expected it after her roast in season nine, and her snatch game record. Closing the funeral, Manila enters the stage and immediately gets more laughs than any of the other queens. She’ll be a top as well this week.

This week’s category is “angelic white”. All of the queens turned it out, and there was not a bad look on that runway. The competition is getting tight, and all of the queens are fierce. The judges, including second guest judge Community’s Yvette Nicole Brown, determined that the tops of the week were Monét X Change, and Manila Luzon. But Ru decided that the four remaining queens would be up for elimination instead of the usual two. When it came time for each of the queens to plead their case, the (report) cards were all on the table. Monique, Naomi, and Trinity all claimed they had never been in the bottom before, and that should be enough to save them from elimination. Valentina, still living in her own telenovela, had convinced herself that her performance this season has been nothing short of stellar. All of the remaining queens rolled their eyes and made it pretty clear Valentina would be the one sent packing.

After Manila and Monét finished their lipsync to Aretha Franklin’s “Jump to it”, Ru announced that both queens had won the top spot for the week, and called the remaining queens up to the stage. At this point everybody was convinced that two queens could be going home, depending on whether Manila and Monét picked the same lipstick or not. Then Ru decided that this week NOBODY would be going home, and I was a little relieved because the cast has already dwindled, and we’re only five episodes in. Then Ru announced, “All Star ruled are suspended until further notice” (whatever that means). Upon the queens returning to the werk room there was a message from Ru on the mirror. “Get ready to lip sync for your life life life life”. Behind the queens, standing in ominous black and red ensembles, were the four eliminated queens. It’s an All Stars cliffhanger, henny, and I am GOOPED.

Frontrunner of Episode 5: Manila is starting to get her time in the spotlight, and she can werk a room, but Monique still seems to steal every scene she’s in.
Takeaway from episode 2: It looks like this season’s major twist is coming; I just hope it shakes the competition up enough to make it exciting again. Are we never going to have a sewing challenge again?
What we’ll see next week: The eliminated queens are added back to the mix, and it sounds like a lot of yelling. It’s anybody’s game including theirs.
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