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8 Things To Watch During Drag Race Off-Season

Because we’ve got to get our queen fix somehow…

It’s only been a few months since RuPaul’s Drag Race crowned it’s newest drag superstar, and I don’t know about you, but I have been going through some queen withdrawal lately. Thanks to my one true love, the World Wide Web, we don’t have to wait until winter 2019 to get our next drag fix.

Here are some other things you can watch to fill the void until the next season airs!

Cherry Pop – Netflix
Cherry Pop follows the story of a drag newcomer entering the bar scene as a drag legend takes her final bow, and the dynamic between them as well as the other queens backstage. Practically running in real time, the movie takes place over one night, and gives drag fans a small taste of what it’s like for queens performing in the world outside the werk room.  While watching look out for Drag Race legends Bob the Drag Queen and Detox.

Fashion Photo RuView with Raja and Raven – World of Wonder on YouTube
If you have a day off, and an unlimited internet plan, can I interest you in over 200 episodes of Raja and Raven criticizing lewks from the RPDR runway? These two bring the sass, shade, and genuine fashion critiques. You can even play along and either toot or boot looks. Who doesn’t love pretending you’re a guest judge on RPDR?

Hurricane Bianca 1 & 2 – Netflix
Everybody’s favourite mean girl Bianca Del Rio is back in two feature length films that bring a whole storm of obnoxious humour. The movies follow a gay teacher from New York City who gets a teaching placement in small town Texas. After discovering how small-minded and nasty the people at his new job are, he seeks revenge in drag as Bianca. Aside from starring superstar Bianca Del Rio, Drag Race fans will also recognize Shangela, Willam, as Bianca’s best friends and even Rupaul makes a cameo appearance as a weatherman. The sequel brings Bianca to icy Russia and you better believe Katya is there to meet us there.

Paris is Burning – Netflix
A wise woman once said “O-P-U-L-E-N-C-E: Opulence! You own everything. Everything is yours”. If you’ve never seen Paris is Burning stop reading immediately, open a new tab, and start streaming it right. Now. This is required viewing for any fan of drag. The documentary follows queens in late 80s New York City and their lives in the Harlem Drag Ball scene. It opens your eyes to the bonds within drag families, the right way to use Drag slang, and the importance of trans women/ trans women of colour in the drag community. It will give you a whole new appreciation for the art of drag, and how far it’s come in the last 30 years.

Dancing Queen – Netflix
Yes, it really is true. Netlfix has given Alyssa Edwards her own original reality show. It’s part Dance Moms, part Drag Race, so you know there will be tea to spill, and choreography to learn. The series follows Alyssa’s dance studio as they dance in competitions, and of course there’s a bunch of dance mom drama, in between clips from Alyssa’s personal life, and flashy dance numbers featuring a lot of sequins and mood lighting. So…. It sounds exactly like Dance Moms, but somehow it’s way better. Because let’s face it… the only way Dance Moms could be better, is if Abby Lee Miller was replaced with Alyssa Edwards. Also naming the series after an ABBA song gives it a great boost.

UNHhhh– World of Wonder YouTube
Let’s here it for our favourite dynamic duo. Trixie and Katya are the best friends you’ve never had, and their web series tackles everything from dating, to Halloween, to thanksgiving. Sure, 75 per cent of the show is just them laughing at each other, but the other 25 per cent is pure comedy, clever editing, and a lot of green screen. Trixie and Katya’s genuine connection makes for an intimate viewing experience. No matter how many times you’ve seen an episode, you’ll go back for more because it’s like they’re talking right to you. UNHhhh is all about sisterhood, friendship, and way too many references to the movie Contact. You’re going to love it. With new Trixie and Katya content coming out soon, we can bask in the glory of this fierce pair forever, and ever.

Willam’s Beatdown – YouTube
Willam’s Beatdown is all tea, all shade, all the time and we can’t get enough. Nothing is off limits as Willam gives his unfiltered advice to everybody from influencers to celebrities. Willam is unapologetically authentic, and his brash criticism can have you laughing at somebody you’re even a fan of.

Alyssa’s Secret – World of Wonder YouTube
Who doesn’t love Alyssa Edwards? Our favourite southern queen delivers in her own web series… although it’s not yet exactly clear what her secret really is. Alyssa reacts to things, throws in a tutorial, but my favourite episodes are the ones where she just sits and chats. Alyssa’s Secret is full of tongue pops, quick one-liners, and an awesome lineup of guests. Special mention goes out to the Halloween episode in which season 4 winner, and Party City queen Sharon Needles gives Alyssa a Halloween makeover. It’s ooky, spooky, and hysterical, as the sparkly pageant queen Alyssa sneaks peeks at her gothic makeup throughout the process.

The best part about all of these options is that they’re online, so you can watch, and re-watch them until we are blessed with the new season of Drag Race. If you make it through the whole list and are still hungry for more, there are ways to re-watch your favourite season of Drag Race, All Stars, and even Untucked (I usually go for season 5, 7 or All Stars 2). Happy watching!

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