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5 Reasons Why JVN Was The Best Thing To Happen In 2018

A new gay Icon. Can you believe?…

At the beginning of this bleak year, we were blessed with a new angel, and patron saint to claim as our own. As 1/5 of the fab five of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, hairstylist/grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness graced our computer, and television screens, and changed our lives forever. Although all five of the experts serve as an important element to the show, as well as each transformation, JVN is really in a league of his own.

Here are five reasons why Jonathan Van Ness became an instant icon.

5. His catchphrases

You’re lying to yourself if you don’t admit that you’ve been using the following phrases during the past 10 months. 

– “Can you believe?”
– “Strugs to func”
– “Spray, delay, and walk away.”
– “You’re strong, you’re a Kelly Clarkson song. You got this.”

JVN has essentially made his own language, and we’re all about it. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of it all is watching how straight, white men react to JVN. Raise your hands if you know somebody who upon watching one episode of Queer Eye said “ I like this show, but the hair guy is a bit too much.” You’re 100 per cent wrong, and totally missing the point but, whatever it’s their loss.

4. He knows the value of the Target cosmetic section

We’ve all been to salons where the stylists hype up a ridiculously priced shampoo. JVN knows that’s not a luxury that everybody can afford, and in season 1, episode 5, when he and Antoni took the Camp fam to Target? He suggested a multitude of products for both the adults and kids to use, and what kinds of ingredients to look for that wouldn’t dry out or damage their hair. As much as JVN exudes luxury, he also knows how importance affordable, but quality products are to the everyday shopper. He also got all of the kids a Caboodle to keep their stuff in. Case closed.

3. His positive outlook

Look, I don’t know JVN personally, but from what I’ve seen on Queer Eye, and his personal Instagram, Jonathan is constantly positive. Even when he isn’t, he always finds a way to put a positive spin on a situation. We could all learn a thing or two from living a more positive, and grateful life. JVN shows us that nothing is too dark that it can’t be saved by a little comedy. His sunny optimism keeps things fresh, and fun.

2. His fierce style

The first season saw JVN rocking some truly iconic lewks. Who can forget that cold shoulder sweater/plaid kilt combo? Jonathan has taken his style even farther on this year’s red carpets, and press events. Guess what? It’s 2018, and skirts are not just for girls henny! From a long skirt with see-through blouses at the Emmys, to a sweater dress and some killer boots. JVN is prime example that style has no gender, and you can wear as much as you want… as long as you feel fierce! YAAS!

1. He isn’t afraid to get political

There is nothing we love more than someone with a huge platform, using every opportunity they can to raise awareness for important issues. Whether it’s calling out the President on Twitter, tackling tough subjects like genocide on his podcast, or simply posting about LGBTQ+ issues on Instagram, JVN is always woke. As silly as it is, JVN shows us that we can be both silly, and serious, and it’s ok to want to fight for what’s right, and also want to put a smile on peoples faces. in this political climate, that’s an important skill to have. JVN has a strong voice online, and he is constantly using it for good, and we love you for it JVN. Jonathan was definitely a beacon of light in pop culture this year. His sunny, and bright personality sparkles through the screen, and sprinkles a little bit of his magic onto everybody. Let’s face it… this world could use a lot more sparkle.

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