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Sex Advice: Sharing Is Caring

But: here’s what you really need to know…
Whether you’re into monogamous partner play, multiple partner play or group sex, or this is your profession, sharing happens. I mean, why not enrich someone else’s sexual experience with a toy or two if you have them readily available? There are some important things to consider if you’re going to be sharing your toys with other partners, though.
Consider the material of the toys that you are using
Porous materials include (but are not limited to) things like jelly, rubber and UR3. Oftentimes, these materials are softer and more flexible, but carry a smell that never really washes out. They require more care for washing. I like to think of these materials as “surface clean” because bacteria seeps into the material, making the toys pretty hard to clean thoroughly. If you have anything in your toy collection that is made with these materials, we recommend refreshing them every six months to a year, depending on how often you use the toys, to avoid the risk of infections or irritations.
Non-porous materials include glass, metaland silicone materials. These materials are typically not very realistic looking, but they are the easiest to clean and maintain, and have no scent. Usually, these are dishwasher safe or (depending on the material) can also be boiled. Because these materials are so easy to clean and maintain, you can essentially keep them forever as long as you care for them properly. These materials can be somewhat more expensive than porous materials, but we like to think of it as a well-loved investment.
Proper cleaning methods
Most adult stores will recommend that you use a “toy cleaner” because these are specifically designed to keep the toy clean and are not drying. This is not just a sales tactic! Just as with your hands, using certain soaps can dry out materials over time. Once that happens, the toy slowly starts to break apart and wouldn’t be safe to use if you have any sensitivities. Toys made with non-porous materials are a little easier to clean and maintain due to their material and so toy cleaners are not always necessary, but they are still the safest option. And I always recommend a toy cleaner for porous toys. Toy cleaners are antibacterial and will help ensure the toy is safe to use after it has been shared with another person.
Of course, there’s always the option of purchasing condoms to use over shared toys, but that can get expensive over time. So, depending on your budget (because toys can definitely add up over time), I try recommending a better material that will allow you the best experiences for the longest time.
Consider your options, consider your budget, consider your partners, and play safe. Live your best life!

ASHLEY L. WILLIAMS is an essential part of the team at Seduction Love Boutique, being one of two main contributors to the Toronto stores’ marketing department as well as a dedicated sales manager. Seduction has proudly served the community since 1998; follow it on Instagram: @SeductionTO.

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