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5 Openly Gay Politicians You Should Know About

Here’s a list of 5 openly gay politicians from around the world you should look out for…
In today’s ever-changing world, we find joy in learning about subtle, yet progressive occurrences that make society a better place to live in. With the increasing acceptance of the LGBT community, it is no longer uncommon to see members in prominent positions like Hollywood, in recording studios, and of course, in the world of politics.
Here are five openly gay politicians from around the world that you should know about:
Ana Brnabić
The 12th Prime Minister of Serbia

In June of 2017, Ana Brnabić stormed onto Serbia’s political scene as the first female and openly gay person to hold the position of Prime Minister.
Despite not affiliating with a political party, nor having prior hands-on experience in Serbia’s shaky political scene, the 42-year-old was appointed by the Balkan nation’s now-President Aleksandar Vučić.
Against all odds, Brnabić is working vigorously to reshape Serbia’s image to one day join the European Union, which poses a tough challenge due to the Southeastern European country’s ties with Russia.
While Brnabić has made it clear that she does not want to be defined by her gender or sexuality, this does not mean that she will not make changes in Serbia’s laws regarding LGBT rights, sometime in the future. She has stated in the past that she firmly believes the Balkan nation is not truly homophobic (despite holding the stereotype) and feels her homeland will become more tolerant once job opportunities continue to grow.
Leo Varadkar
The 14th Taoiseach of The Republic of Ireland

For those of you who don’t know, a Taoiseach is the Prime Minister and Head of State of the Republic of Ireland. Those of you should also know that the current holder of office is Leo Varadkar; an openly gay, half-Indian representation of Ireland’s step toward social liberalism.
Varadkar assumed office in June 2017, after obtaining leadership of Ireland’s largest political party, Fine Gael. At the ripe age of 39, he is the youngest person to ever hold the position of Taoiseach and attempts to brand himself in a similar fashion to French President Emmanuel Macron or Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Ireland was, not too long ago, arguably one of the most socially conservative nations in Europe. Today, the country has become more progressive, with Varadkar symbolizing change on the international stage.
Despite his representation of the growth of Ireland, Varadkar still faces several challenges dealing with the country’s homelessness, housing crisis and biggest of all, his involvement in the European Union’s Brexit discussions, which will have a severe impact on the nation’s future.
Xavier Bettel
The 24th Prime Minister of Luxembourg

Luxembourg may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, but it’s Prime Minister, Xavier Bettel is certainly a big deal. Assuming office in December 2013, Bettel was- at the time- the third openly gay world leader, behind Iceland’s Prime Minister Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir and Belgium’s Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo.
Bettel’s position as the leader of Luxembourg’s Democratic Party is expected to modernize the small, German-speaking nation. The party is currently working to replace religious lessons in schools with education on ethics, and legalised same-sex marriage on January 1, 2015; an act Bettel celebrated in marrying his spouse, Gauthier Destenay, on May 15 of the same year.
While Bettel’s persistence for social change is definitely prominent in Luxembourg’s political agenda, the young leader is also striving to cut national spending in hopes to preserve his country’s immaculate credit score.
Bettel has stated in the past that he believes that homosexuality is becoming less of a concern throughout Luxembourg, despite an increase in other European nations. While his marriage to Destenay was openly known to the public, the young leader has joined the large percentage of Luxembourgish politicians, who keep their private lives out of public eye.
Wade MacLauchlan
The 32nd Premier of Prince Edward Island

In February of 2015, Wade MacLauchlan was elected as the Premier of Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island. While his role may not be subject of discussion outside of Canada, what makes MacLauchlan so compelling internationally is that he is the first openly gay man to assume office of Premier in the world’s second largest nation. 
Despite Canada’s recognition worldwide as a leader of social modernity, P.E.I. is often considered the conservative thorn in the nation’s progressive side. Still, it is unfair to not mention that the province was also the first to elect a female Premier and an individual who is of non-European descent.
While the 63-year-old Premier had very little- if any- political experience in the past, his stance for renewable energy while not caving to the Federal government’s pressure has made him favourable across the island. As well, MacLauchlan’s government allowed for P.E.I.’s first abortion in over 30 years and is expected to get involved in transgender rights issues.
MacLauchlan stated in the past that he felt P.E.I.’s fairly conservative social climate was not concerned with his sexual orientation, nor has the topic ever been discussed during his campaign. His prominence in the Province’s community has made him favourable amongst the majority, which may lead to a second victory in the island’s October 2019 election.
Kate Brown
The 38th Governor of Oregon

In February 2015, Kate Brown was sworn in to office as the Governor of Oregon; making her one of two Democratic female Governors in America. What makes Kate Brown stand out is that she is also the first openly-bisexual and LGBT person to be elected as a U.S. governor.
Despite America’s, well, not-so progressive President Trump and his not-so progressive stance on most issues, Brown has actively taken a stand against the POTUS. The 58-year-old Governor is dedicated to civil rights, permitting to all Oregonians: the right to abortion, allowing the state to continue as a sanctuary state and making life easier for the transgender community.
This past April, Brown also refused to provide Oregonian forces to the U.S. border with Mexico; defying a call by President Trump to militarize the location where his infamous wall is expected to be built.
While Brown’s stance is often labeled as radical, she is determined to be a driving force in the progression of her state. Oregon is often considered to be one of the most liberal states in the United States, and the Governor may be responsible for a nearing imposition of universal healthcare for the public and cap-and-trade for the environment.

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