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The Cast Of ‘Queer As Folk’ Reunite For The First Time Since The Finale

The cast of Queer as Folk reunite and reminisce with Entertainment Weekly
The cast of Queer As Folk reunited for the first time in 13 years for a shoot for Entertainment Weekly’s new LGBTQ issue. Michael (Hal Sparks), Brian (Gale Harold, 48), Emmett (Peter Paige, 48), Ted (Scott Lowell, 53), Justin (Randy Harrison, 40), Ben (Robert Gant), Debbie (Sharon Gless), Lindsay (Thea Gill, 48), and Melanie (Michelle Clunie, 48) reunited and reminisced about their experiences shooting the five-season series, which premiered back in 2000 on Showtime.
The groundbreaking show was a major hit and was Showtime’s most-watched series by the end of season 1.
“We stopped making this like 90 years ago and people are still discovering it for the first time and thinking it’s real,” Lowell commented on new fans discovering the show through binge watching.
“People came for the queer, they stayed for the folk,” Paidge added.

Executive producer Ron Cowen reflected on the show’s legacy and impact: “We saw it as an opportunity to address a lot of issues that had never been shown on American TV before. That was very important to us because we, gay people, didn’t really see a true reflection of ourselves on TV very often.”
“I think it’s actually so thrilling to know that young gay people are watching this show because they didn’t grow up with all the stuff that we were dealing with at the turn of the 21st century. We all went through a lot of stuff. So they come to the show with a very different point of view, but the one similarity I find with the young people now and the people back then that they’ve all said is that ‘you showed me, I saw myself’ and that meant so much to people. And the other thing they all say is ‘in watching your show, I knew I wasn’t alone’ and that’s a blessing.”
Watch the Queer of Folk cast reunite for Entertainment Weekly here.



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