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Sweden Receives Its First LGBT-Certified Sports Stadium

Sweden’s Studenternas stadium has become the nation’s first LGBT-certified sports stadium…
Sweden is officially receiving its first LGBT-certified sports stadium.
Studenternas stadium, located in the student city of Uppsala, will be training all staff in LGBT issues to create a welcoming environment for patrons. The status also means that all facilities, both for attendees and athletes, will be adapted to offer a more inclusive atmosphere. Some of the facilities include adaptable dressing rooms and gender-neutral restrooms where possible.
Uppsala, located one hour north of the nation’s capital, Stockholm, is making strong attempts to create an open and inclusive environment for all people. Dane Eriksson, the municipality’s marketing director for sports and leisure, told the Swedish website, The Local, that:
“We want to guarantee equal treatment in all areas, regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation,” also mentioning that Studenternas’ LGBT status has been part of a greater plan to create a more LGBT-friendly environment in the city.
Studenternas is currently under renovations to accommodate its changes and is expected to re-open in 2020. The stadium’s certified LGBT status will be valid for two years after opening but will be allowed to reapply for the certification so long as staff and companies are compliant with training.
Studenternas stadium serves as a multi-purpose event space; most commonly hosting soccer (or football) games, music concerts and bandy games (a sport very similar to ice hockey).
Sweden has often been a leading nation in LGBT rights, among other areas of progression. The nation first legalized homosexuality in 1944 and was the first country to legally allow and recognize gender reassignment surgery in 1972.
In 2015, the country opened its first LGBT certified swimming pool, providing appropriate dressing rooms for the gay and trans community. The recreation centre also provides a comfortable change room for disabled visitors, who may require more privacy while getting dressed.
Sweden often scores very high in LGBT-friendly tourist destinations.

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